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  1. I wish they would go with something like this. (Credit to the OC - Ted Hyman)
  2. It would most likely be on the shorts.
  3. Outstanding Work!! Where did you get that side panel design from?
  4. I'm already liking where this is going! Great work!
  5. Is there a tutorial on how to do this?
  6. https://newsroom.intel.com/editorials/intel-brand-karen-walker/
  7. This is FIRE!!! I would love for them to change to these!!
  8. I've been using this logo for years when I make the Utah Pioneers in NBA 2K
  9. Why is the helmet a different color than the jersey?
  10. BRA-VO!!! That was quite possibly one THEE BEST logos I've EVER seen on this board!! You should be hired by a professional franchise to do designs and reveals because that FAAAR outweighed anything I've seen in decades!!!
  11. Since my beloved Uconn abandoned this innovative helmet, I say go for it!
  12. All of these are better than the originals. Good work!
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