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San Diego Chargers concept


by now, you should know......  

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after reading yet another argument in favor of the return of a certain cheesy retro uniform just because its "retro", I felt compelled to make this.

I have come to the conclusion that the current San Diego Chargers color scheme and uniforms are amongst the most underrated and underappreciated uniforms being used in all of sports right now. Why? because of the unwarranted desire of a lot of retro sheep here and elsewhere.

But....you cant use the sheep card here, Shark....

*SMACK!* oh yes I can. I dont blame rappers and hip hop artists on this one. I blame Chris Berman and Tom Jackson on NFL PRIIIIME TIIIIIME. I seriously doubt that the Chargers powder blue throwbacks would be as popular without these two tools singing its praises constantly on ESPN. Remember they also like those creamsicle Bucs unis as well. The broadcast media has ways of brainwashing the public, and this is just one example of it. So yes, you guys are sheep, youre just following a different shepard here.

anyways, the concept. and try to view these without your powder blue colored glasses on. Dont instantly hate it just because its not powder blue <_<


There. Current colors on a concept that will not be accused of being "generic". the shoulder stripes are somewhat reminiscent of the Dan Fouts teams yes. However Ive added solid trim to the cuffs and made the collar a different color. I also did something with the pants as you can see. Now a lightning bolt starts at the base of the jersey and lines up with the bolt on the pants, pretty cool, huh?

and yes, i changed the number font to give it a bit more uniqueness. Also the modernized horse shield logo is on the shoulders.

In conclusion, we can all agree now that a Chargers uniform doesnt have to be powder blue to be unique. So dont argue with me

I will argue with you.......



Okay, okay! Your'e right as always! Just....stop hurting me.....please.....

thought so B)

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