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Cincinnati Bengals baseball xover


its routine by now.....  

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ok, Im gonna be the first to say that when I do baseball concepts, I usually stay with the clean simple looks that belong on baseball uniforms. You know, the ones that a lot of you non-baseball fans say makes them "boring"??? <_<

Anyways I did something a little different here. The new bengals scheme is a challenging on to cross over to baseball. It crossed over great to hockey though. It took me I dont know how long, but I got the text arched to fit on the jerseys. And although the tiger striped B is not a good primary logo for a football team ^_^ , its a great logo for a baseball hat.

but what I did here that kinda goes out of bounds on what is acceptable on a baseball uniform is the stripes on the undershirt of the vests. I felt I gave it enough style without being too gaudy.

well, here it is


all my concepts are gonna end up being presented in this way for now on. it will be a gradual process, but it will keep plagarists at bay somewhat :P

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