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Toronto blue jays logo petition


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I felt the need to do something, so I did.  I wrote up a petition stating that the people who sign want a return to the orginal Blue Jays' logo.

Now, Chris, your logo design is phenomenal, and I'd be more than happy to see it used.  But I didn't want to confuse the issue by saying "an updated version of the original logo" because I can guarantee that the logo from 1997-2002 would be classified as just that by the team exec, and that logo was deemed unsuccessful.  So I kept matters simple by stating that we want a return to the first logo.

Here is the link to the petition.  Let's get enough signatures to impress Mr. Goddard at the Star enough that he'd write another article!  I'm convinced that if enough fans speak out, the team will have no choice but to listen.

Anyway, the link:


Thanks everyone.

Tom Fuke

PS - Chris, you work for the team.  I imagine you have some pretty good contacts that you could forward this to?  Start a written petition maybe?  Just a thought.

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The first 10 signatures to this petition have been logged.  I know there are more Blue Jays' fans on this board, so please consider signing it, and forward it along to others you think would agree.
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The problem with petitions is that they don't carry the same weight that they used to. Unless you have tens of thousands of honest-to-goodness signatures, nobody is even going to give you a second thought. Take CBC's "This Hour has 22 Minutes" satirical news show. They collected thousands of signatures on a petition to change Stockwell Day's first name to Doris. And I'm seeing a trend of people using just their last initial. That just cheapens the integrity of the petition. You want to support something, put your whole name behind it. Don't just go halfway and say "I support this wholeheartedly and anonymously".

That said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so I'm glad you've started such a process. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to make a difference.

That said, I was signature #4.

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