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Mexico ice hockey logos, uniform concept



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after all the talk on the sports in general forum about national teams from other countries besides the "big eight" hockey nations, I decided to revisit my team Mexico ice hockey concept

the primary logo remains unchanged. I did make a new secondary logo that depicts a simplified Aztec calender. and it was a PAIN IN THE ASS to make I can tell you that. I swear it took three hours just for that one logo.

I added a wordmark also, in case there was any question as to which sport this was for. It gets the job done, but I will most likely revisit it in the future


the uniforms do share some similarity to the actual uniforms the real Mexican national team wears, but I added some simple yet decorative trim work that would not look too busy, yet pay homage to the Mexican culture. I also added an alternate jersey in red with a tie up collar and the secondary as the crest.


the colors are the actual red and green pantone values for the Mexican flag.

I know, they look somewhat christmasy. Not intentional by any means, but I suppose its fitting for this time of year

oh yeah, flagmexico.gif

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