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Ok im confused I need help with this


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someone please help me I recently went X-mas Shopping at Olympia Sports and i'm looking though red sox jerseys that are all marked off at $75 and I found this pMLB2-1744524reg.jpg BUT it didn't have the replica "R" with the circle it had the authentic "R" with the indent in it now my question is even though it's a replica jersey why would the "R" be different then the rest of replica jerseys? and should I buy it just incase it is a mistake and look like an authentic?

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I've seen a few replicas here and there that had the correct R (actually the whole correct script). It may be the manufacturer...I have a replica with the circle-R, and I think it's a Russell Athletic jersey. The correct R might be on the Majectic jerseys. It's pretty inconsistent, you just have to look at them closely.

The picture you have is a Majestic jersey.

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