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USA and Canada football



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Ive been redoing and remastering some of my international football (as in AMERICAN football) concepts, and I will be unveiling them two at a time.

so of course, here are the first two. the only two countries that truly play the sport on a high level (although the rules are somewhat different)

USA - went with traditional striping, and added silver as an accent. I used the 49ers numbers well...because Im biased, so sue me! :D. I did draw out the logo myself, without looking at any other logos out there. If it resembles something youve seen before, its purely coincidental. I swear on my white pesticide armed ford ranger that I didnt use a logo that allready exsists. ^_^


Canada - I stayed rather basic here, which means either a lot of you will love it or hate it for that reason. the pants and facemask are supposed to be NY Giants flat gray, not silver. the logo here is also something I did on my own. I wanted an aggresive looking maple leaf and Im satisfied with the result. I used the Chicago Bears numbers because theyre different yet traditional at the same time


there will be more to come.

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