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Mexico and Cuba football



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two more:

Mexico - basically the same concept Ive done before. I made a simple logo for this one, using a copper, aztec style eagle head with a snake in its beak. I also as you see, used a trim design with an aztec feel. I felt red socks worked good with either white pants or green pants


Cuba - this is a tougher country to design a logo for then you would think. Also, seeing as how this was one of the last ones I have done in this recent set, I was running out of ideas. Thats why the logo isnt very original. I did draw the entire thing out myself, yes. But I admit, its got that Tampa Bay Bucs or Cleveland Cavaliers alternate vibe. I feel it works for this country though. I decided on one set of white pants and modern tapered striping and piping. Helmet of course has to be red well......because its Cuba!


and yes, there will be more

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