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China and Japan football


to quote herb brooks: AGAIN!  

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these two concepts Ive actually shown before. However it was so long ago that not everyone remembers, and a lot of now established users werent even here yet.

anyways, here are my first two asian football uniforms

China - This one didnt change much since I last posted it. I entered it in the 2nd International Challenge and won with it. I gave the team a nickname, the Dragons. The logo on the helmet is actually from a historic Chinese flag that is edited very slightly. I plan to revisit my helmet logo in the future with my own dragon logo. Went with a chinese style font for the numbers, and I put the flag on the hips of the pants


Japan - This team would have a hot cheerleading squad :P . Ok now that I got that out of the way, these are some of my favorite international concepts that Ive ever made. The helmet, in my opinion, is simplicity at its finest. Plain white, no stripes, black facemask, simpe red circle as the logo. Nothing more needs to be done. I cant think of any way how the helmet could be more perfect. I went with a modern number font, and added black pants to be worn with the white jersey.


my next unveiling will stay in asia

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