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Great Britain and Switzerland Football


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my two lateset in this international football set

Great Britain - I decided to make this concept the unified British team rather then three different concepts for England, Scotland, and Wales. I toyed with the idea of having a flag patch of on of the aforementioned countries on the left breast just over the numbers to represent which part of the British Isle the player wearing the uniform represents. However I decided against it. Anyways, my logo is by no means an original idea. Ive seen British national hockey teams and even thier baseball team use some form of a lion with the union jack in the mane. this is just my take on it. I tried my damndest to differentiate the overall look of this set from the USA set I did, which is why I went with the seattle mariners number font and red side panels and socks. after completion, I looked at it and thought that with block numbers and a red helmet, Ive got a pretty good Buffalo Bills concept. I might try it later.


Switzerland - Red with black features. Hey, thier hockey team does it, I thought it would work here. I toyed with the idea of putting the script from the hockey jerseys on the helmet, but then I decided on the logo I ended up using. pretty basic look with basic trim. I added USC style tapered stripes to the shoulders to give a modern touch to it. I felt drop shadowed block numbers worked best here


Still have more ideas. Lots of them too.

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