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I'm new to this


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it's kind of hard just to tell you how to make jerseys, and it also depends on what program you are using to make the jerseys too, like Adobe Photoshop or MS paint. i use photoshop, so i could probly help you out if you were gonna use that ,but i dont use MS paint so i cant help you if you use that program, but there are people on the board who can help you with MS paint.
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Step 1: Get template (see "templates" sticky thread)

Step 2: Insert template into graphics program (Paint is the most basic, least powerful; Photoshop and PaintShop Pro are likely the most powerful pixel/raster programs; Illustrator and Corel Draw are the two big vector programs)

Step 3: Go nuts.

Step 4: Save as jpg or gif.

Step 5: Post on a webpage. (SyPhi suggests: AngelFire - free with remote linking and super-simple uploading.)

Step 6: Post about it here.

Step 7: Repeat from step 3 as necessary.

Step 8: Go outside and enjoy your Northern Hemisphere summer.

Makes 1 serving. Please create responsibly. If you make more than one that are for instance the same sport, please post them under the same thread to save on board clutter. And always remember your 3 R's: Practice, Practice, Practice.

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