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Pac-10 baseball concepts


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Like I said, I was gonna do some college baseball concepts for the Pac-10, the Mountain West, and the WAC. I might do the WCC, I havent decided yet.

anyways here is the Pac-10. I researched each school's baseball programs to make sure my concepts are different from what the schools actually wear. In one school's case (Oregon), they don't even have a baseball program

Cal-Berkeley - Atlanta Braves style piping, and I used the font "Bankoli" for the scripts. I also went with the cursive Cal logo for the hats as I feel its much more interesting then just a simple C

Stanford - I hate thier current uniforms, simply because they continue to use pullover jerseys. So of course, I took away the pullovers and went with a clean red and white look with piping on the sleeve cuffs and down the pants. I also went with block lettering, as I don't like the script they use on thier current uniforms.

UCLA - gold-blue-gold piping on the cuffs and on the pants with the scripted logo front and center on the jerseys. Yes, I went with a powder blue road uni here because I feel that if there is any school it would work for, it would be this one. I kept the Boston B on thier hats, for sake of tradition.

Southern California - the Trojans currently use a Padres-style script (before the Padres changed last year) on thier baseball unis, and they also have an interlocking SC on thier hats. I chose to go a different route and use the SC logo from thier football program on the hats and the Trojans wordmark from thier basketball program. there is red-gold-red piping on the neck as well as the cuffs and pants, in the same style the Giants, Padres, and Nationals use.

Oregon - Like I said, no baseball program here. Also, we all know how this school likes to experiment with thier athletic uniforms and this one reflects that. Yes, that road uni is highlighter yellow. Most of you will either love it or hate it. Jerseys are sleeveless with downward tapering trim at the armhole. The shoulder logo is a logo concept I made in the past for thier football team.

Oregon St. - Thier actual unis are rather conservative, and while these remain down that same path, I decided to put the script from the logo on the jerseys and replace the block O they have on thier hats with the OSU X-line logo. I almost made the alternate jersey orange, but I decided against it

Washington - Ok, those gold pinstriped alternates were NASTY, and no way was I gonna do something similar. Therefore, I stayed conservative with thier look, utilizing thier pale gold as a trim color rather then up front and center. Also, piping in favor of the pinstripes.

Washington St. - This one is also conservative, but with a few alterations to make them more interesting. I replaced the block W on thier hats with the WSU-cougar logo in silver. Went with a pinstriped home uniform and the road and alt. have piping. Also, I went with the Cougars script that the football team used to have on the helmets in the Drew Bledsoe days.

Arizona - Thier actual unis are by no means hideous but are dull. So rather then use varsity lettering I went with the same font that they use for thier scripts in basketball. I also went with elastic trim on the cuffs and on the pants. The wildcat head logo I felt looked cool enough to put on the shoulder

Arizona St. - Yes, definite Pittsburgh Pirates influence here. The actual unis just use maroon piping. I also used downward yellow tapers on the shoulders of the alternate. Personally, this is my favorite of this set.

Enjoy :D

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