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Michigan panthers 2003 champs


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I was wondering if someone would like to make a championship logo for the Michigan Panthers of the USFL2k.  They are the back-to-back champs and just beat Columbus in American Bowl III.  They hae the same logo and colors of the original.  The game was played in Denver, if it helps.  It could have a regional feel with mountains or something.  Tks
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I posted this on the other board as a culmination after having read dozens of free logo requests, I hope I don't offend you, but it's my humble opinion that this could help the board run more smoothly:

Are you willing to pay? The people here are often too nice to ask for it, but the fact remains that if you want our services (which often involve hours and hours of work for not much more than a e-mailed 'hey thanks, it looks great'), you should be willing to make it a fair trade.

However if you're limited to getting a logo designed for free, the best way is to look around the community, and at the work the people do. Then, select a couple of people who you think would be capable of doing a good job for you, and who might be nice enough to do it free of charge. Then contact these people individually, with respect for their free time, and with a plan of what you might want in a logo.

Otherwise, your request could quickly get buried or with the multitude of free logo requests, could get the board cluttered up real quick.

This will help you get a better logo, and help keep the board less-Fanhome-like.

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