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Illustrator Help Needed


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I need help with (what I thought should be) a basic Illustrator feature. I'm trying to arc text around a circle, WITHOUT WARPING THE LETTERS, similar to the text around the Seal of the President of the US:


The closest feature I've been able to find that can achieve what I need in Illustrator is the Effect > Warp > Arc. However, this still distorts the letters -- at the top of the arc, for example, the tops of the letters are wider than the bottoms of the letters.

Is there any feature that just rotates the letters in an arc-like pattern without warping the letters at all? Thanks in advance for any help.

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use the ellipse tool to draw a circle (be sure to hold the shift key while making the circle, if you need a perfect circle), then use the path type tool (text tool with the little line under it) and click directly on the circle's path to start typing around that circle.

3rd paragraph in this article

edit: better article type tools in illustrator

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Maybe we should Pin a few threads in the general design forum.


Illustrator Help/Tips

Photoshop Help/Tips

Other Design Help/Tips

These could be for questions, tips you have, or tutorials that are software based. Also for other design there could be help with hardware and other software like flash or dreamweaver.

Just be sure to include this information if you need help:

General Problem (Help with Text on a Curve)

Problem: (How do I apply text onto a curve without distorting it? See image below)

Software type, Version (Illustrator 10)

Mac or PC (Mac)

Not that it'd have to have a format, but sometimes these are things that can be important to solving the problem you might have. I just think one central location for all questions would be good so you could search the thread for your question and see if you can find an answer first.

also a place to put tutorials would be cool too.

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