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Ny mets help, please


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As you can tell by my name and my avatar, I'm no Mets lover, but my 6-year old daughter is and so I'm seeking both the NY cap logo and the Mets script logo.  You can e-mail them to me at the address in my profile if you don't want to publicly admit you keep such things around.  :)
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Thank you, Snowcap!  

The Mets are gonna be in town and I'm helping her make a sign that says "I (heart) NY Mets" (on orange posterboard) to take to the game. This will be her first time seeing them in person, as we only see the games on WPIX, FOX and ESPN (as I can't afford "Extra Innings" for a 6-year old).  

NYMets920, if you get MSG, watch for us at Wednesday's game, we'll be in the "Landry's Crawford Boxes" in left field.  I'll be the embarrassed-looking woman in the white hat with the red Astros star next to the little girl in the Mets cap & black Piazza t-shirt with the afore-mentioned sign.  :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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