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RED Concept


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yay two reds concept in two days.

love the hat and most fans will agree with me on this.

on the alt the piping is off, you did this in paint? zoom in plus 8 and cover over the black existing piping (i know you used the ones on CC's site and just added things :D ) double thick using the line tool. i think the names on the back need to be bigger and the numbers smaller. is that a hockey font? i thought of rangers but im not sure what it is. and on the home the reds logo needs to be bigger imo. love the road but you have two different shades of red. make em match. the bp hat needs the wish bone c on it and if you have to use black make it the brim that is black. this concept has alot of potential.

psst you spelt cincinnati wrong on your presentation and on your post

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Not bad, overall.

Home jersey could stand a number... and more buttons! ^_^

I don't like the irregularities I see with regards to outlining for the names and numbers on the back. Compare:

HOME: name = red, no outline; number = red, white/red outline

ROAD: name = red, black outline; number = red, white/black outline

BP: name = white, black outline; number = white, red/white outline

ALT.: name = white, black outline; number = white, no outline.

Doing this makes the design look disorganized, and takes away from what you're trying to put out for us.

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