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  1. Come back to ccslc! Please?

  2. Though not necessarily "pirate themed" per se, but you may want to at least take a look at the SF Ironsides family, particularly the regular and extended versions. Thanks, Greg. That should do quite nicely. I appreciate your help! ITE, I don't know if you're still working on a pirate themed project, but we had a pirate themed party last month and I used Blackadder for a large sign. I've used it on a couple pirate concepts, and it worked out well every time.
  3. If the answers can't be found here, it can't be found anywhere... What's the font that Champion used for player names when it was making NFL jerseys in the late '80s. Best examples would be the Bills, Colts, Bengals and Jets. Below is the best picture I could find as an example. It's fairly common but I can't find it anywhere, and I don't have anything close enough. (The number set would be a bonus.) Thanks in advance...
  4. It looks vaguely like Playbill but as done by machine-tooled printing press pieces, giving a rougher, uneven look.
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