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  1. Come back to ccslc! Please?

  2. Yeah, but it'd be so much easier to make it rain if they printed money with Lindsay Lohan's ass on the bills instead of Washington and Lincoln... *ducks punch* *runs away*
  3. VitaminD

    NBA Europe

    How much more European talent needs developing? And is the NBA really the means by which to develop it? The NBA gets more and more world-class talent from Europe (Asia and South America as well, in smaller numbers) with every passing year. Eurobasket is a top-flight league, and the club teams that comprise it all do better jobs cultivating youth talent than the American system of coddling AAU "elite" squads made up of individually brilliant athletes who fail to grasp the concept of a team game, pause for a year of NCAA ball to get their faces on SportsCenter and build more self-serving hype, then flame out in the Association? And I haven't even mentioned the talent being stockpiled and developed on the European national teams, where guys play together throughout the year for years at a time. The rest of the world caught up to us by doing it a different way, a better way. Letting the NBA set up shop in Europe wouldn't help European basketball. Not even a little bit.
  4. Wow. You must be a riot to watch a game with. "I wonder if he'll throw the gas here or a change-up?" "I dunno....but check out the dude's hat. That is SO last year." Howdy, stranger. And I know it says you joined this community of people who obsess over every minute detail of sports logos and uniforms, but making such a headed statement like your last post makes me wonder if you understand what this place is really about. Sure, we love sports as much as any - and in Tnak's case, perhaps more than any man should. But we're also junkies for graphic design, sports logos, uniforms and equipment. To that end, sharp-eyed members like 'Wonk pick up on the slightest details, like the underbill of Papelbon's cap. And trust me, had it not been him, it would have been any one of a hundred other people. He just got to it first. So in closing, new friend, enjoy your stay. Now that you know what goes on here, the choice is yours. Feel free to stay and enjoy our shared mutual obsession. Or, get the out and don't come back. Either way, we'll be here, obsessing over the thickness of the Bears' numerals, the size of the Chief Wahoo logo on the Indians' caps, and why the Cowboys can't seem to make all their shades of silver agree. But ripping one of us in our own community because of what we like to talk about is really bad form. And now you know.
  5. SPELL CHECK: Selänne, not Sleänne. I know you know this - no one else would have gone so far as to add the dieresis over the "a". But you've done it twice already in this thread. I'd hate to see you go to all that trouble and have an error like that.
  6. True, true, true. Fashion takes a back seat to the belief that a hideous black vest means never losing a baseball game ever again.
  7. It sounds like a lot of people are operating under the continued delusion that Canada is "America Junior", with funny extra "u"s thrown in words to be contrarian. As some have mentioned, the CFL is a big deal in Canada. The league operates soundly, the style play is ingrained into Canadian culture, and the economics are such that top-level teams can be sustained in Canadian cities from coast to coast. Just because Toronto is a large, English-speaking North American city does not mean that the Canadians are going to roll over and jettison their football. The CFL would collapse without a team in Toronto. It'd be like the Giants and Jets fleeing New York. Nearly 40% of Canada's entire population lives in greater Toronto; depriving their anchor market of their game would basically forsake a historic piece of Canadian culture to have another piece of Americana rammed down their throats. The 5th largest Canadian city (Edmonton) isn't even half the size of the 5th largest city in the US (Phoenix); it's about the same size by population as Columbus, Ohio - our 15th largest city. Even Metro Calgary barely has 1 million people; by comparison, metro Cincinnati (#25) has twice that. The CFL couldn't maintain itself without Toronto, and no matter how many Canadian fans the NFL has, I can't see most Canadians being willing to let their own culture be subjugated at the hands of the US. I'm not saying border teams can't reach out and try and tap fan bases across the border. And if the Bills can get a game in Toronto the way the Pack used to give a game to Milwaukee, then fine. But all this talk of playing games with both sets of rules is ludicrous. This isn't like NL teams playing in AL parks. So the pitchers don't bat; big whoop. The CFL has rules about the number of non-Canadian players each team has, uses a larger field, larger footballs, and vastly different fundamental rules (3 downs, men in motion). An NFL-CFL merger would be disastrous. The CFL had a better chance trying its game out in markets like Baltimore, and look how that ended up. Let's keep our game here, their game there, and appreciate them both for what they are.
  8. And Uncasville, Connecticut is a booming metropolis? Jeez, Bri... you'd think you really wanted them here. At least you'll be easy to spot when they televise games. Are they gonna make you pay for the entire section? I'm not going to take offense at Philadelphia not having a WNBA team. In fact, I'm more than OK with it. I can't see myself going, and not having a WNBA team here rids me of any potential guilt David Stern would try to make me feel for not supporting two lousy pro hoops teams in my fair city. I can go back to ignoring the one "pro" team we have with my peace of mind intact. Better to allow them to flush money down the toilets in other cities. By the way... how 'bout them Flyers?
  9. Oh c'mon. If Fast Eddie didn't care about yinz on the other side of the mountains, he'd be busy trying to get the Eagles to retire Ricky Williams's #34. This is the legislative equivalent of a nuisance lawsuit. Our neighbors to the West have far more important things to shore up around the Commonwealth than to force a private entity to endow an honor on one of its own against its will. Seeing that all but 2 of the teams fall outside the state of Pennsylvania, I can't imagine this holds too much water nationally. So it's probably nothing more than what it is: shameless pandering to the Latino community. As has already been said, while Clemente was a fine ballplayer and an even finer human being, retiring #21 is unnecessary. He wasn't the first Latino. He wasn't the best Latino. He was a wonderful man who tried tragically before his time and on a mission of mercy. He's already had his team retire his #21 and MLB named a distinguished award for him. To elevate #21 to the level of #42 reeks of tokenism, like Clemente was somehow "the Latino Jackie Robinson". Robinson did more than just play baseball; he permanently altered our societal and cultural fabric. He was truly a pioneer who endured more than he deserved to at a time when prejudice was a way of life. (Consider that an entity as large and powerful - and government-run - as the armed forces weren't desegregated until the same year Robinson broke the color line.) Retiring #21 cheapens Robinson's legacy. There may one day be a man who embodies the talent and class of Roberto Clemente, but there can never be another Jackie Robinson.
  10. No. My mistake. Scratch that. Oh, I got it. But italicized City doesn't really enhance the Bills' look any more than their current wordmark does. Italicizing something doesn't necessarily mean it matches the logo better.
  11. Goth was right - it's the Times New Roman the Brewers use. And as I feel with them, I don't know that I embarce putting America's default word processing font on a pro sports jersey. I never use TNR, so that's coloring my distaste. As was mentioned, New Orleans has to be considered the most unique city in the US from a cultural standpoint; cities like Boston, Miami and San Francisco are running way off the pace. If you're not going to go with the Varsity Block they wear now, try and find a font that better embodies New Orleans. Something "jazzy", for lack of a better term. Or play off the Gaelic-themed uncial font in the wordmark (although Northwestern tried that a few years back in football with bad results). Either way, it needs something with more kick. (BAM! Jeez, I'm sorry... the puns are unintentional but also inevitable here... ) Moving on - since we've yet to see a team successfully pull off a metallic jersey, I am OK leaving the Saints with black primary jerseys. But to play up their use of the "proper" shade of old gold, make the numbers gold instead of white. White outline? Yeah, if you want - but there'd be enough contrast with old gold on black to make it work. You would probably have to outline the gold numbers in black on the white jersey, so for the sake of uniformity, a white outline may be necessary. I'm not crazy about the contrast-color sleeves, if only because it looks very Rams like, as was mentioned. There are plenty of other things you could do without resorting to that: UCLA-style stripes, fleurs-de-lis, other striping patterns. Hell - you could even put the numbers in there, like the Jets do; given the difference in the color schemes of the 2 teams, it wouldn't look quite as derivative. As far as the pants go, teams with metallic colors always do well to use the metallic color for their pants. Not only does the metallic play nicely off both the dark and light jerseys, it allows the team's dominant color to get more exposure. In this case, by adopting the white shells - and they look great, by the way - you really oughta think about one pair of gold pants for all the uniforms. Extra pants (black or white) makes monochrome madness a possibility. And two pair of gold pants - one with white accents, one with black - is unnecessary. Simplify. All in all, I like it. But I don't love it yet.
  12. Normally, I'm not one to like messing with the classics. But what you did really worked out well here. Great work! Were it my concept, I'd like a blue closer to royal - the Colts stand out so well against the growing number of teams all trading royal or black for navy. Also, for a team as traditional as the Colts, the taper stripes look wrong, even with a very nice modernizing of their look. The stripes are so bold and thick at the front of the helmet that it looks weird to have them taper to nothing before reaching the back of the helmet. That aside, this is one of your best!
  13. 'Salright. Nothing earthshaking, and the Bills would probably be more likely to use their actual team wordmark in the end zones. The NFL would likely frown on using the out-of-date conference insignias as well. Furthermore, it's kinda jarring to use the current helmet with an out-of-date conference logo and a wordmark they've never used. If you want to go the throwback route, I'd consider the standing buffalo helmet or the white helmet with the modern buffalo. Either way, nothing agrees here. And as a courtesy: why not combine all of these field concepts into one thread? These don't take long to churn out, and I could unfortunately see the first page of this board full of field concepts, all done by you, all fairly derivative of one another and somewhat predictable. (By comparison, OB33's field concepts were usually well outside the conventional; it was much harder to guess what he'd do from one team to the next.) That's unfair to other people trying to get their concepts some looks.
  14. Utah State may be the nicest one of the bunch. Not only is it good looking and well executed, but it's exactly what they should be wearing. Well done, VF... And I am standing by my Wyoming vote.
  15. That, or they're hoping to spawn secondary gains from people feverishly ripping off the nameplate and make it a throwback Rick Mirer.