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Tank stumper 1/8/02


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Neil Allen.  I was a junior in high school listening to the Cards game instead of paying attention to my Economics class.  Of course the fatal HR wasn't hit until after school but I'll never forget that game.  I already hated Allen for being the guy we traded Keith Hernandez for and that certainly didn't do anything to improve his standing in my mind.  

I'll sit on my hands now and let someone else have a chance for a change.

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Yeah, that was pretty much everyone's reaction in Cardinal Nation, right after "they did what?!!"  I remember seeing a picture in the paper the day after the trade showing Hernandez cleaning out his locker and smoking a cigarette.  Even at the ripe old age of 15 it was a shock to see that image.  Of course that's before we came to find out tobacco wasn't the only thing he was smoking.  Ah the naiivety of midwestern youth.
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