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Beef Bowl Logo


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I have been doing some re-inventing of my P.E. class flag football game bowl game logos. At the end of each Flag football unit, all the teams in all my classes are invited to play in our season ending bowl games. With all the teams in all my 6 hrs. of P.E. class, I have to have between 26-30 bowl game logos.

Here's a new one I made for this year to replace an outdated bowl game.

If you have any suggestions for NAMES of bowl game - please post them. I usually can create a logo for the game.

Here's this years Beef Bowl logo. (SMS stands for South Middle School)


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By the way - I don't use any of the traditional College Bowl Games (no Orange, Cotton or Rose) - I name our bowl games after 'important' people, the KC area and reasonable kitchen utinsels; aka the 'Cereal Bowl', 'Salsa Bowl', you get the idea.

Any name suggestions for me? I need some fresh ideas - I'll do the logos, I just need new names. How about it CC Graphic Warriors? :D

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Needs a T-Bone :D

I like it, I can't think of any other good bowl names though, except maybe the Creamer Bowl. ^_^ It would be kinda hard to draw a half and half packet though.

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