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  1. Am I crazy for thinking this would have jerseys slightly more appealing?
  2. According to Michael Lee, the stripe was taken off the back because the team "got a lot of complaints from broadcasters/score keepers past 2 seasons"
  3. As the Bullets logo has gotten older, the et has gotten better at boxing out ll for the rebound.
  4. More fuel to the fire that more changes are coming for the Suns next season: https://twitter.com/BrettEP/status/264086024139964416
  5. Virginia is wearing throwback uniforms against Louisiana Tech on the 29th. They've got a couple extra shots on their Twitter page here and here.
  6. It might not just be a leak before then. When the Wizards came out with their new jerseys, they weren't available for purchase until then, although you could pre-order.
  7. Josh Howard wearing #55 on the Wizards: Howard wore #55 his first game in D.C. because Dominic McGuire was wearing #5 at the time. However, he was traded to Sacramento the day after this game and Howard went back to wearing #5 like he did in Dallas.
  8. Indeed it is...with an NFL & AFL logo on it. There's only 4 of those... Looks like the text reads "World Professional Football Championship". Here is something I have been wondering, where is the Super Bowl V trophy? Here is why I ask. The Rosenbloom's owned the Colts at the time, but then they traded the franchise to the Irsay's. Did Rosenbloom keep the trophy and end up in Georgia Frontiere's office in Anaheim and then in St. Louis? Or did the Irsay's take ownership of it and take with them to Indianapolis? Did the city of Baltimore confiscate it? According to Wikipedia: There's a pic of the trophy in the museum here.
  9. Seriously? There's still tickets available for Heat-Lakers?
  10. What is this? Some club in Kuwait took the Wizards jersey design and put their own logos on it: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-sports-bog/post/kuwait-basketball-team-borrows-wizards-uniform-scheme/2012/01/11/gIQAJekKrP_blog.html
  11. I believe April 1st is technically when the NFL calendar year "begins" so that's probably the cutoff date to submit a new uniform design. I could be completely wrong on that, though.
  12. For some reason I always liked the Yao Ming Rockets throwback in the spaceship colors:
  13. The tenths of a shot clock thing is part of some new rules that were added this year. It's not a manufacturer thing. From ESPN: I'm guessing MSG just hasn't installed the new shot clock yet, but they should before their first game Christmas day. The rule is if there's three-tenths of a second or less on the clock on an inbounds play, the only way to score is on a tip or a dunk, like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYa3LjbsZ54 I would assume that would now be the policy with the new shot clock as well.
  14. Here are George Mason's uniforms for this season, via GMUHoops: They're going back to the block lettering, with no arching like they did from 2008-2010. The only difference is that now the yellow jersey is the away jersey, as opposed to the home alternate, and they have a new BFBS jersey as the alternate. For comparison, here are their uniforms from last season:
  15. Or this guy, who ironically enough played for the Wizards. Moral of the story: No one is safe.
  16. I think they're going with the Zephyrs since they've basically used up all the Bullet throwbacks. They used the late 70's era throwbacks at the end of the 2003 season to make sure they squeezed out every last penny they could out of the Jordan era: In 2004-05 they wore these Baltimore Bullets throwbacks: And then in 2005-06 they went with those infamous striped jerseys: Other than the 90's era jerseys, I'm not sure if there are any other Bullet throwbacks left to use. Personally, I would be all for seeing those 90's era jerseys, but I can't recall seeing any jerseys from the 90's used as throwbacks, so perhaps there's a rule against it at this point.
  17. The four teams are the New Orleans BucHornets, the Washington ZephyrWizards, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers.
  18. Redskins.com's words, not mine: Considering that it's coming from the team's website, I'd say that it's pretty much a lock that we'll get an eye full of burgundy tonight. Adjust your TV sets accordingly.
  19. Is he booty shakin'? Why yes, yes he is.
  20. And lest we forget his other nickname "Half-man, Half a season." Before anyone says anything, yes, I'm a Wizards fan, I have no room to talk. As for other nicknames out there, here's a few: The Matrix - Shawn Marion The Truth - Paul Pierce Agent Zero - Gilbert Arenas STAT (Standing Tall and Talented) - Amare Stoudemire Black Jesus & The Pearl - Earl Monroe The X-Factor - Dante Hall The Machine - Sasha Vujacic Tough Juice - Caron Butler Weapon X - Sean Dawkins And I must say that I find the lack of any nicknames for Jared Lorenzen absolutely shocking. - J-Load - The Pillsbury Throwboy - Quarter(got)back - Hefty Lefty - The Round Mound of Touchdown - The Abominable Throwman - He Ate Me
  21. I thought they treated them like this. (Borderline NSFW, depending on your boss's feelings on drunk fans. Also, this is not an effort to pile on, I just wanted an excuse to post that video.)