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  1. As the Bullets logo has gotten older, the et has gotten better at boxing out ll for the rebound.
  2. Josh Howard wearing #55 on the Wizards: Howard wore #55 his first game in D.C. because Dominic McGuire was wearing #5 at the time. However, he was traded to Sacramento the day after this game and Howard went back to wearing #5 like he did in Dallas.
  3. Those two were both part of the trade that sent Bartolo Colon to Montreal along with another nobody by the name of Cliff Lee. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to be ill...
  4. Can someone tell me what font being used for "Where amazing happens" here?
  5. Fette Engschrift D Muchas Gracias!
  6. If anyone could tell me this font, I would appreciate it.
  7. Just echoing what everyone else said, fantastic work!
  8. I think (think!) Venezuela's font is Deftone stylus, no idea on Panama.
  9. If you downloaded a .AI file it won't open in Paint Shop Pro or Inkscape and if it does open in Photoshop it converts to raster. You can find some SVG vector templates that do work in Inkscape by going here.
  10. For some reason I always thought they looked the same, probably because I rarely ever go beyond 12pt font for anything and the lower resolution made them look similar. But upon further review, they are some very noticeable differences that even I, despite having no attention to detail, could notice. But the Astros do use Compacta right?
  11. The Astros use Compacta otherwise known as Haettenschweiler(sp?), no idea on Florida State
  12. Font check, just the wordmark please:
  13. Font check on aisle 10:
  14. im new to this, but im wondering if there's an easy way to use this that i dont know about, like how to get rid of all the lines you dont want on it... Just use the fill bucket on the lines to get rid of them in each section and of course make sure that your color is white
  15. Really? Who was that? To be honest I don't remember I read it in a book but I'll look it up and tell you when i find it.
  16. That had to be the worst trade ever He was one of the worst pitchers ive ever seen. Its like the coast change turned him from Ok to just terrible. The giants basically traded Russ ortiz to the Braves and (some pitcher, cant remember his name) to the Orioles for nothing Even worse than the Antoine Walker for nothing trade? Or the guy that got traded for himself? But yeah, that deal was horrible.
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