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World Baseball Classic project - Pool D


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ok, here is the last set for this project

Dominican Republic - by all accounts the early favorite to win this tournament, I gave them a simple two color piping and a traditional wordmark using the Pirates font. Its the same concept I posted before so most of you have allready seen this one. Im posting it here again though for sake of completeness


Venezuela - considering what thier national team allready wears...:puke:, anything I imagine would be an improvement. I went conservative with three colored trim in the same style the Marlins used to use on thier road uniforms before going to what they currently have. The wordmark is actually the Patriots font, and I gave it a bevel effect. I was torn between either red or blue for the alternate jersey, but I settled on blue


Italy - Yes, its a light blue. I almost experimented with a powder blue road uni here but I thought better of it. I chose vests with piping in green, white, and red to stand out against the blue. The font is the Milwaukee Brewers font.


Australia - I didnt like the uniforms they wore in Athens last summer and felt this nation needed a uni change. I chose to go with Braves style piping and use a font called "Regulator" for the wordmarks and numbers. I was gonna add black but then I thought, nah, doesnt need it.


so finally, this project is complete. It would be nice to see all the national teams dress up in these come early March ^_^

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