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Cal Nev League


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OK, so earlier tonight I finally uploaded a bunch of my old concepts onto my new computer and burried in the depths of my hard drive i found my old works for the Cal Nev League (CNL). What is the CNL you ask? Well the CNL was an old fantasy football league that my dad was trying to start up a few years ago with a bunch of his buddies. They wanted it all set up really nice and they wanted to even have every team to have uniforms, which I offered to do. Everyone gave me a town name, either a city in California or Nevada, and a team name. The league eventually fell through but i kept working on the uniforms and even making updates when i found something better. There was a huge amount of teams, it eventually ended up at almost 50, which was the main reason it didnt hapen. Too many teams, not enough players in the NFL. Anyway heres the beginning of the posts, this is just the basic league. Seperated into Cal league and NEv league then North South East and West. Ill post the uniforms, which i have one for every team, as soon as i get them uploaded. This is a project that ive been working on for a number of years and im still not completely finished with it. C and C is very much appreciated on all concepts.

P.S. If one of the logos is a logo that was designed by you (which i think there may be 1 or 2), just let me know, because honestly, im curious to know where most of these logos are from. :blink:


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