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  1. But that was at the very tail end of his career when he was already, like, two decades in. For a couple of different reasons, the last ten years has been disappointing for Pujols. He signed with the Angels and the thought was he was going to help pull them out of relative obscurity and help them compete with the Dodgers. They never even came close. It’s really something how much talent the Angels have had in the last ten years yet have absolutely nothing to show for it other than one single ALDS where they got swept.
  2. It really is crazy, and I can’t think of any other superstar who’s just faded out as rapidly and depressingly as he did. He was the absolute MAN in St. Louis. One of the best players I’ve ever seen. Second only to Bonds in my book of pro baseball players that I just marveled at. I’m not primarily a Cardinals fan, but my dad is from St. Louis so I’ve always had a soft sport for them (much less so recently, for several reasons). I felt legitimately depressed the morning I heard he signed with the Angels. I just couldn’t comprehend a team like them letting the biggest star in the game and one of the best to ever play for them even with how old they are walk for a bigger deal. Like, they really couldn’t match it? It’s Albert Pujols! He just won World Series MVP and had three homers in game one. I thought they were just lowballing him and it didn’t really make any sense. But then he fell apart almost immediately and they hardly missed a beat (I do wonder how much they knew about his DOB, though. I’m assuming they at least had some idea). Watching him fall apart in Anaheim was less of a blow I think because I sort of just stopped caring about him after he went there. His name seemed to hardly come up and the Angels never got any better so it was easier to not see. Then all of the sudden it’s several years later and you still haven’t heard anything about him. The whole Albert Pujols saga has such a clean break that it almost feels like they were two different people.
  3. Yeah, it’s objectively terrible and represented a period of pretty forgettable teams in just about all of their sports. It just holds a bit of nostalgia for me personally and it has some potential, I think. Wishful thinking, I know.
  4. The white helmet is dumb but that Silver helmet rules. Can’t really beat the only major university in the state wearing a blingy silver helmet. There’s a community college down south that also wears a silver helmet but nobody cares about them so it doesn’t count. I love the all navy helmet with the silver wolf on the side the best for them (and it’s the helmets they wore during their best seasons), but I also love that Pack script so I’d love to see them update this logo a bit and use it more. I used to see this everywhere when I was a kid.
  5. They absolutely need to keep the current A’s home cap, but I would be ok with them using that all green O cap on the road until they end up leaving Oakland. Their current road cap is terrible as they currently have it. There’s no reason for that logo to have an outline as it just muddies up the entire thing. And they don’t even get the colors right. They’ve always used gold script with a white outline, but inexplicably decided to reverse it and add head spoon piping to the alternate, which SUCKS because the simple green alt they had was one of the best looking jerseys in baseball. If they’re going to screw it up this badly, they might as well just use the new O.
  6. My biggest thing is that logo. That Elvis Patriot guy has NEVER been a good look, and reminds me of something that would’ve eventually been replaced if not for the success they had using it. I remember thinking it was really strange looking when it first came out, and it hasn’t really gotten any better over time.
  7. Six year old me, without anyone in my life pushing me in that direction, chose to be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. 1). ANY team you pick is bound to make you miserable more often than not. 2). It gets better.
  8. Thats what I mean. Unless he’s as fed up with Seattle as Rodgers apparently is with Green Bay, it’s too out there. But Russell Wilson did express some interest in playing in Chicago, so who even knows?
  9. I’m kind of surprised we didn’t see Seattle try to swap Wilson for Rodgers. Maybe that’s too out there.
  10. And, there are also multiple people saying things like this, too The Aaron Rodgers “hate” reminds me of the Lebron hate. He’s amazing, so people just pull reasons out of thin air to criticize him for. They don’t like his “look”, say his attitude is “poor” etc. It’s all mostly nonsense from dudes in suits who sit behind desks all day.
  11. Yeah, I don’t buy that. The Packers not surrounding him with more talent is because they’re kinda poorly run. Not because “Nobody wants to play with him”
  12. This is the second straight HOF quarterback Green Bay has had a messy ending with. There’s this old saying about how if it smells like :censored: everywhere you go, you might want to check your shoes. Packers might want to look down a bit.
  13. This is a lot of different things, but mostly it’s just not good news for the Packers!
  14. I ordered a Brady jersey last year before they even unveiled the look and it basically took all summer to come.
  15. Really great to see the Warriors spend so much time, money, and effort to make their arena “green”, and then almost immediately flush it all down the toilet with crap like this.
  16. Not bad, Bengals. It obviously isn’t perfect, but anyone who expects perfect from the Cincinnati Bengals is just setting themselves up for disappointment. There are a few issues here that could be fixed with some pretty minor tweaks (odd stripes on the pants, and I still think a block font would look better), but overall this is absolutely a big fat W for this organization.
  17. Yeah if that’s the case I’ll be stunned if the Bengals primary home uniform isn’t mono orange. Sounds very Nike.
  18. At the risk of getting “too political”, considering our current political discourse, and the fact that this particular name sounds alarmingly close to a lame dis one side tosses at the other, I don’t think that’s gonna fly.
  19. I saw some real weird marketing pushes for them in the few years I was there just before they made the change. I vaguely but distinctly remember one of them boiling down to “We’re hard as hell to get to from Phoenix Proper, but not from the rest of the state!”
  20. It’s because Anaheim itself is a city that’s completely devoid of its own culture other than being the home for the giant corporate cartoon company. The Angels can’t market themselves as the anti corporate LA because that’s what Anaheim is itself, only cheaper and more tame. If they were in another city in that area, say Long Beach, they could probably pull off this anti Dodgers anti corporate vibe. Long Beach has the right mixture of blue collar port history and surf culture, all tied up with a bit of a rougher bow as it’s had it’s own history of being anti establishment. But it’s never going to work in conservative Disney/office park/convention center land. Not a chance. The park they’re currently playing in is older than the majority of the surrounding area and used to be nothing but orange groves. You can’t push the brand of being counter culture when the city itself has been catering to establishment culture as a bedroom community from its very founding. And while it was objectively a bad time for the Angels, you could probably argue that the Angels were their most authentic selves when they were owned by Disney.
  21. I’ve been wanting them to do this for years, but it does look a bit odd. I’m sure that’ll wear off. The logo treatment seems a bit weird, too.