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  1. It’s amazing, the NFL got the longest jump on all of this and somehow they’re going to walk away with the most farcical season of any of the pro sports leagues. Absolutely the Americanist of all the American sports leagues.
  2. What a great performance by the Loons. Just goes to show that basically anyone in this league can be successful if they run the right program.
  3. Now watch Golden State find a way to panic swing a deal for Harden.
  4. I took a bus from Phoenix to Dallas once and was so happy when we got to El Paso, not even really realizing that we weren’t even half way there yet. You can’t really comprehend just how enormous Texas is until you have to drive through it.
  5. Who in their right mind would play college football?
  6. Yeah this team has always been the same old rickety ass ride but everyone got all excited because it had a fancy new coat of paint. They’ve still got the same core problems they had a year ago. But this is still better than what we’ve grown accustomed to, and I can see the growth from the rest of the roster. It’s been forever since this team has been worth talking about. Us Bucs fans should at least enjoy some of it!
  7. I mostly agree, but that was a three point loss to the juggernaut Chiefs coming off of a Monday night game. Those are games that they usually get blasted in. They have some serious issues on both sides of the ball, but at least they’re still fighting at the end of games. Whatever. They’ve got a break next week and then the Vikings, Falcons twice, and the Lions to finish up the season. They could (but won’t) still end up with 11 wins. I’m sure they’ll dumb themselves out of one of those Falcons games, but if they can end the season with ten wins and a playoff berth, I’ll be satisfied.
  8. I have a pretty strong feeling that the season is either going to be suspended or cancelled by Christmas.
  9. I went to Wrigley expecting it to be kind of a dump, but instead found probably the coolest overall setup for a sporting event I’ve ever seen. Totally unique, and unlike anything I’ve seen in pro ballparks over here. I expected a lot of the same with Fenway, and it was, but instead of it being an entire neighborhood worth of that, it was all crammed into a city block. I get Fenway’s mystique, but I was surprised how much of a mess the whole setup was. You can’t see the field at all unless you’re in your seats, and even then it’s still not a great view and really cramped. The sentiment of “You’re there to watch the game!” is really nice, but this is also the 21st century. They’re going to eventually lose out on some pretty basic revenue opportunities if they keep that park.
  10. Well, there is one free agent quarterback available who could go. And who’s probably better than their entire depth chart, too. Now might be an opportune time, too...
  11. I was hoping that the Dolphins were going to do something different with their initial color rush unis and go all teal with a white helmet with just that M logo on it.
  12. The Mets had two black hats at the same time, which was super weird and totally pointless. They had the all black hat with the drop shadow which was a total mess and was ugly as all hell. But, they also had the road black cap with the blue bill and that is and will always be one of my favorite caps of all time. This should have been the only Mets black cap, and it would’ve been cool to see it used today (with a black jersey) in a similar frequency to how the Cardinals now use the navy cap.
  13. The Bucs are going to go about as far as their defense can take them. The way they’re playing this year, that’s probably a wild card spot and and a first round playoff exit. I’m happy because this is a WAY better spot for them to be than I anticipated at the end of last season. But, yeah. That defense, the secondary in particular, needs some serious work. EDIT: Nevermind. Tom Brady is pretty much fully washed. What an absolute dog game from him tonight. The Bucs might as well still have Mike Glennon if that’s what they’re going to get out of Brady. EDIT #2: Overall point is, I’m not impressed with this years version of the Buccaneers.
  14. There are a few things that need to be fixed on the pewter alt (Remove white and emphasize orange more,for one. More black, being the other IMO). But overall, this is a great alt. It might be nice to see them wear these with the white pants on occasion, though.
  15. That would be Zaza Pachilia. He was such an inconsequential part of that team, and then the whole Kawahi thing happened. I still think it wasn’t as intentional as some people made it out to be, but I’m more than happy to let that nobody journeyman shoulder the load of the blame for that