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  1. The Canucks bit was news to me. Makes total sense though because, getting to the second part of your post, a lot. That still happens to some extent, even.
  2. This is scary similar to how the Kings ended up wearing powder blue instead of royal blue during their early years in Sacramento. Theirs was something they just flat out screwed up on and never bothered to rectify, though.
  3. That’s by far the :censored:tiest Sharks logo I’ve seen yet. It’s never going to look good until they ditch that stupid sunset color/theme.
  4. Give it five years. They’ll warm up.
  5. That pewter jersey is just about perfect. The red jersey is alright too, but I prefer the black arm and neck trim.
  6. That’s fair, and I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to members here who are from the south. I simply mean when it comes to the overall mentality of white supremacy that permeates parts southern culture, Mississippi is particularly embarrassing. Not to condemn the entire southern population, just the sect that operates in that manner. My apologies for not being more careful with my words. I also say this as someone who’s grandfather is from Mississippi, so I saw a lot of that up close. But, yes. Back to talking about the UNR satellite campus.
  7. Because for all the many faults the state of Nevada has, they at least understand that the tide changes over time. It’s an attempt to show that they’re trying to learn and be considerate of the larger issue at hand. Mississippi, OTOH, doesn’t think like that. They not only don’t give a single :censored: about consideration for others, they actively fight against it with the weak guise of some culture war. It’s one of the reasons the south is roundly mocked as a whole by the rest of the nation, and why Mississippi is viewed by many as the biggest cesspool of the failed experiment of Dixie.
  8. Neither logo is particularly good, but the current howling coyote logo is just so dull and depressing. It almost looks like it’s howling out in despair. It represents the franchise well in that sense, but I don’t think that’s the angle they want to go for. The Kachina coyote is really goofy, but that’s why it works. The idea of even having a hockey team in the Phoenix area is inherently goofy, so they might as well just go full speed ahead with it and embrace the goofiness.
  9. I was just getting into my trash talk flow a little bit and got my Mississippi towns mixed up, as I meant Biloxi
  10. UNLV has Rebels as the mascot because back then (similar to today) Southern Nevada had absolutely zero culture that was worthwhile to celebrate, so what could they really do other than ape off of the actual south? It works now too because Vegas is essentially the Tupelo of the west, for all intents and purposes. Better than changing the mascot, they could just fold the school and allow their students to attend universities that are actually legitimate educational institutions. Fold the town, too. We could use the water back.
  11. I pre ordered a Brady jersey and it finally came end of last week. It’s basically identical to the pre alarm clock Nike jerseys other than the color and logos/wordmark. It almost looks like a knockoff in comparison.
  12. Pretty sure @Puckguy14 made those.
  13. Doesn’t a Major League Baseball player need something like seven full years of MLB service before they’re eligible for free agency? That’s always seemed like absolute lunacy to me. What other sport, hell, what other field in general do you need to commit nearly a full decade of your working life to before you’re allowed any real leverage? The military, maybe?
  14. The classics really never go out of style.
  15. It truly is the Americanest of all the American sports.
  16. My suspicion is that the bend at the top of the triangle was meant to represent just the body of water (everything above the “curve” is the land portion of the Bay Area). It’s a dumb idea that doesn’t translate very well and sounds pretty Nikespeakish to me, but that feels like the only even somewhat logical explanation.
  17. I’m working off of (possibly shoddy) memory here, but I think they can’t do that per their bylaws? Labor issues have to be worked out prior to games being played, I think. They can’t play the games and then try to work out payment issues because it brings up an entire set of new, even bigger, problems in terms of future seasons. Actually, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if that’s even against general labor laws.
  18. I think the Ravens have a terrific look outside of that awful primary logo. They should design something that is similar to that (without being straight up stolen, like the original logo was) combined with the current logo on the sleeves or something. That may be hard to do, though.
  19. To me, this is honestly one of the most intriguing parts of sports returning after this whole covid thing. The whole setup is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and if this calms down the way we hope it does, it probably (hopefully) is never going to happen again. I’m very excited because we’re going to have the familiarity of sports return, yet we get basically all new surroundings for it. It’s going to bring so many different levels of unique nuance to something that’s usually strictly routine. It’s like the last NHL strike. We got hockey back, but it was unusual because we had teams playing basically playing every other day. I found myself a lot more interested in hockey (which is probably my least favorite sport), because it was familiar, yet still had an aspect of it that was sort of refreshing. That whole thing is a drop in the bucket in comparison to this situation. That’s REALLY exciting.
  20. Yeah, kind of. It’s supposed to represent The Red Triangle. The real western part of that triangle is out in the Farallon Islands, though.
  21. Yeah but the current logo is amateurish too, so...
  22. This is MUCH better than what they have now. The Sharks should have a bit of a darker, murky looking color scheme. That’s what you see in the waters around the actual bay, which is called the Red Triangle because of the prevalence of Sharks. If anything, a small touch of dark red could’ve worked really well. But instead they threw the whole look out of whack by using that garishly bright and ugly yellowish orange color. They basically tried to split the difference between yellow and orange (maybe because of the baseball teams?) and ended up with this awful color that looks like a Manila envelope. And instead of keeping it just to the stick, which still would’ve sucked but at least made sense, they added it to the striping pattern! It’s such a STUPID inclusion. It would be like if the Yankees added red highlights to their uniforms because the baseball in the primary logo has red stitching. It’s not just the worst part of this particular Sharks branding era, it’s one of my least favorite colors that any pro sports team has ever used. And I say that as a Bucs fan
  23. The Sharks should just use this logo and call it a day EDIT: Admiral’s point is mostly there. I would just personally rather have a somewhat generic logo that looks good than a look that’s unique to my team but looks kinda stupid/dopey, as the current Sharks logo does.
  24. I’ll go with a solid NO on your Miller Park question. That place is basically Chase Field (Which feels like a giant shoe box) with an even more elaborate roof and even more confusing shadow patterns. SafeCo is different than any of the other retractable roof parks because instead of being a stadium that’s built to accommodate a fully closed roof over the top of it, it’s actually an open air park that just so happens to have a canopy that can slide over it. The canopy is basically completely separate from the stadium and is used to cover the train station when in the “open” position.
  25. Reno doesn’t want the Knights. Despite being in the same state as the Vegas teams, the area still lines up a LOT better with the SF Bay Area. Northern Nevadans mostly hate Southern Nevada, and due to how absolutely empty the state is, they don’t really mix together all that often like you would see with other rival cities.