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Iron crossover vi!


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vote for these mugs to see whose unis kick the most arse.  ending this Sunday 9 pm ct, pending word from shark, the virus, the blackout, and any other crap going on.  any changes in deadline time for votes will be posted in the Iron Xover VI thread.




Time?(Roger Clemente)

Difficultmale...hehe, Hardman everybody

da shiznit

OSilverbacks...kenny's dead


da neener fan (49erfan)

the guy with the fewest votes can bust this flow:



nobody likes me


nobody likes me

but that's okay

cus i don't like yall anyway

and i don't like yall anyway

*bleep* all yall

remember one thing...if you buy a saw, drill bits and sandpaper from target and happen to come across a cashier who tells you 'have fun bob' as you're leaving, that's a good sign :;):


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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