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I know you guys get your fair share of logo requests on this board. And when you laugh them off, I dont blame you. This is a simple request, if you have some free time. I maintain a youth sports website for a local youth organization i used to play for free of charge. There is a football section in particular where i post the players stats, and game scores and such. I have a pretty basic layout, and would love to have a decent looking logo to work around. I have a pic of the logo that was sent to me, I was wondering if you guys could take a look at it, and maybe upgrade/modernize it, or overhaul it completely. A nice size would be like the nfl.com logo shield. If you could use the color scheme from the website( http://www.muskegoathleticassociation.com ), blue/black, silver, white, that would be cool too. Otherwise, thanks again.


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Here is a desing I had while reding the NFL report. I based it off the NFL logo, but turned it upside-down. I can always change colors if you want somethign different. I can easily change the football out fro a different sport, so that you could use this logo for all of the sports you have.

MAA logo

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