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Check this out! (From ESPN.com)

Running back Jamal Lewis is disappointed that he doesn't have a contract extension, the Baltimore Sun reports.

"The most disappointing thing is that they haven't had any discussions with us. My agent can't even get a telephone call," Lewis told the paper. "They made a promise to us, and I would not have accepted the plea bargain if I knew I wasn't going to get a new deal.

"Instead, I went to the bottom of my life, I took a deal and served a sentence for something I didn't do. I would have fought the charges because there was a lot of he-said, she-said accusations. It was out of character for me not to fight it, but the organization said they were behind me."

I think I must have lost my mind. Jamal Lewis just spent 4 months in jail, JAIL, and he wants a contract extension. Uh, people who miss offseason workouts and the first week or two of training camp because they were in JAIL don't get to complain about their contracts. Going to jail could actually void most contracts. He says he took the plea deal, though he was innocent, because the team promised him a contract? What the hell does one have to do with other? Lewis took the plea because they had his dumb ass on tape and a his co-conspirators rolled on him. Last I checked, the Ravens had nothing to do with working out plea deals with the federal government. Jamal should at least wait until he can spend an entire offseason out of JAIL before he bitches about a contract.

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i think the point is, he would've fought those charges and possibly not been imprisoned (riiiight) had he not been told he was gonna receive a new contract.

I got that from what he was saying, but what does one have to do with the other? These were federal charges, he was on tape (the calls were recorded weren't they), and they offered a deal (the athlete/entertainer special) that he could have refused if he thought he was innocent. Simply put, he screwed up and now wants to be rewarded for it. I'd pass if I were the Ravens.

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