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Discrimibattle 3 vote


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there was the option to use an NFL or CFL parent club to base things off of, and everyone went the NFL route.  the battle is now in the voting half, so let's go!  the battle officially ends 10 pm CT, sunday night like always.  here are your contestants(chosen parent club):


Santa Fe Broncos(A) logo uniforms

Atlantic City Spades(B)  logo uniforms


Syracuse Bombers (A)

Trenton Biplanes (B)


San Jose Blasters (A) logo uniform

Reno CardSharks(B)logo uniform


Decatur Bears (A)

Kansas Comets (B)

note to those who meant to enter something, the only reason i'm even entering is cus there were a few who meant to enter a design but haven't submitted one yet.  sorry snow, fanatic, anyone else, but a deadline's a deadline.  you know the deal.  you can still enter as a wildcard, though.  voters must say who they voted for if they select the wildcard slot (on the original thread

*mills lane enters*

let's get it on!  

*mills lane exits*


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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