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Pacers Jersey Hints


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Pacers give very obvious hints of the new unis on their website. You see the Danny Granger wallpaper. There are stripes on the top and bottom corners. That will be stripe arrangement on the side of the pacers home unis and their home page they have something that says "11-game ticket packages...". Look at the background. That is the color of the away unis.


The new unis should has some resemblance to throwbacks they usually were at home (side stripes).



College sports as we know them are just about dead. The lid is off on all the corruption that taints just about every major program and every decision that the schools or the NCAA make is only about money, money, and more money. We'll have three 16+ team super-conferences sooner rather than later, killing much of the regional flair and traditional rivalries that make college sports unique and showing the door to any school that doesn't bring money to the table in the process. Pretty soon the smaller schools are going to have to consider forming their own sanctioning body to keep the true spirit of college sports alive because the NCAA will only get worse in it's excess from here
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