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  1. Great concept BUT.........dear I say it, Black would be better than Navy
  2. Hey all, So I was doing a random search online for the New Jersey Nets old early 90s wordmark and I stumbled upon some conceptual logos for 1997 Nets Identity Change/Exploration Logos. I've never seen anyone talk about these. Does anyone know about them? They're all pretty horrible to me. FYI: If there's still a thread for unrealized logos, just add this post to it.
  3. Knock-knock. Who's there? ORANGE. ORANGE WHO? Orange you glad the Browns have Orange Pants. And the church says...
  4. Those Rams uniforms are something else. Too gimicky. The Blue is very blue; too blue. They probably should've went with a white facemask to break up all that blue. The uniforms? No comment (smh)
  5. Hey all. Does anyone know the font found in the Pacers Earned Jersey?
  6. Redwolves sounds extremely minor-leaguish and is to me, the worst of them all.
  7. What about.....wait for it.....The Washington Rederals? Takes care of the red and fed and.....I'll head out the door, lol.
  8. As @jwinters said, the uniforms are great as well as the color choice. The logo though? It isn't really a logo as it's an illustration. Looks like a clip art. It is way too detailed whoch would be a problem for printing purposes and other applications. The second DC flag on the plane is redundant and unnecessary seeing you have the same logo in the circle; one should be removed. Even the 3 w's is a bit much. Keep the logo simple and you'll have problem tue best Washington uniform concept I've lately seen.
  9. I agree wirh the logo getting lost in the mockup. What if you made the shield white, the W and stroke around the shield gold and the stripes and star burgundy? Also maybe shrink the size of the star and add two more to mimick the DC logo. Once that is done maybe an extra white stroke around the gold one.
  10. The only suggestiona I'd make is to switch from a teal font, white outline on the orange jersey to a white font, teal outline. And maybe the new sun rather than the d.