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  1. While your designs are cool, your logos and some uniform designs are too modern for the time period youre attempting to create for. I'd suggest takibg a look at designs from them for inspiration
  2. It's pretty interesting. Like the A-mountain logo. PS - Glad u were able to take a break from work. Felt the same frustration with my own job/lack of job progression. Mental health is no joke and self-care is totally needed.
  3. I agree with this . There are too many unnecessary colors, although the logo is great. Pick two blues (one lighter, one darker) to go along with the color of the ball and white.
  4. This the first time I can truly see an actual bird, its motion/position and the letter F and it all makes sense . Great job!
  5. The Jersey template is trash. They look like women's uniforms, which unfortunately are often weirdly composed, and they also look really dated.
  6. A team owned by a billionaire needs a "sponsor"?
  7. Man...that's a beautiful looking game. Wish Dallas went back to those colors
  8. The quality of Nike's NBA jerseys template come (and sterile).
  9. You must have a soft conscience
  10. Maybe it's just me or I'm just crazy , but does anyone see a hidden squirrel in the Owls logo? It's cleverly complicated if so.
  11. So..most of these sound like minor league teams. So even though the designs are nice, the names sound very amateur. With that being said, I'd go with the Carolina Captains. Looks the most MLBish. Edit: The Capitals and Oaks are ok as well.