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Titans alts


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No, they wore their regular navy jerseys.

The green sticker is to commemorate the 49ers and Cardinals playing in Mexico in a Loser Can't Come Back match. It really is a big deal if you think about. Globalization fever...catch it.

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Is that what they wore today? Navy and powder? They looked great IMO. PS what IS the point of the green Futbol sticker on all the helmets? I can see the Niners/Cards wearing it or a patch, but why every team?

no... those are the primary jerseys...

navy with columbia blue shoulders is the home, white with columbia blue shoulders is the road, and columbia blue with navy shoulders is the alternate.

the navy ones are ok, but i prefer the columbia blue alternates... but i'm just a sucker for tradition, and think there's too many navy teams. the titans can pull the columbia blue primary off, with the oilers history.

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