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  1. The Canucks need a lumberjack identity. Without question. First of all, it's cool and unique. Secondly, it's totally justified. Thirdly, their name is Canucks, which immediately even brings my southern brain to Johnny Canuck. The Orca isnt a bad logo, really. I just think it doesn't work on their current uniforms in the way it is being used... but just because there's nothing wrong with the Orca doesn't mean things shouldn't be improved by constructing a brand new lumberjack themed identity.
  2. That's a candle?! I thought it was a retro 70s-looking maple leaf. It looks oddly familiar but I can't place it. Like maybe an old Canada Cup leaf or something.
  3. the actual navy-heavy logo is better than these alterations, in my opinion. the yellow version looks unintentionally poorly drawn, like a Jr. High kid's MS Paint concept. Potential, but not really good. the navy version looks intentionally retro and sloppy, like an old-timey felt patch. does exactly what it needs to do. i really like it, even as an actual primary logo. it has an old timey sports feeling. I've never liked the predators primary logo. I actually slightly preferred it when it was chromey power rangers one from back when they used silver. the simplified current primary is just shaped oddly and overly flat. but i sorta just went on a tangent about the preds lackluster primary logo for no reason, so i'll get back to the logo in question. it works in navy because you KNOW it's going to be used almost exclusively on a yellow background. the navy version checks all the boxes. i really really like it.
  4. I LOVE that Stars logo. I'm just now terrified the sweaters will feature red instead of green now. Call it Mooterus PTSD if you must.
  5. I don't see how Mustangs could have been in the running for Dallas, given SMU.
  6. As a former Houston Oilers fan, current Tennessee Titans well-wisher, Dallas resident, and apathetic NFL observer, I'm pretty excited about what I'm seeing from the Dallas Renegades..... Oilers colors, but another boring/generic "Wild West" style name? I can stomach it. Especially if they somehow play up the tattoo/biker culture in their other logos, and utilize columbia blue and red primarily over black....
  7. I like single-digit pitchers.
  8. If they'd just been green, I'm pretty sure the Stars would still use them. The backlash was over being black and gold, with the lack of a logo being a secondary concern.
  9. I'm a proud owner of a Messier Canucks, Redden Senators, and Yashin Islanders. They were cheap, and I think they're amazing sweaters to wear for fashion purposes.
  10. As a Dallasite that hates the Cowboys, I'm totally willing to jump on this XFL bandwagon if they give us even a remotely appealing identity. But my hopes are low.
  11. I wonder if the use of gold is any indication of the direction the Stars uniform will go.
  12. "I mean, the Wild aren't my team... But I sure wish they were the Stars. That counts for this thread, right?"
  13. Stars will be hosting the Predators at the Cotton Bowl January 1st.
  14. i really want to hate those Stars jerseys, but i don't... at all... i love them. sign me up for a heiskanen or radulov.