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  1. I'll never understand why hockey fans are so different than other sports about relocated teams. No one cries that the Ravens can't be the Colts or that Indianapolis shouldn't wear the same uniforms Unitas did. No one acts like the Timberwolves have more right to the Lakers identity than Los Angeles does. It's just never made sense to me after two decades arguing about it.
  2. I want to hate it, but I just love it. It's awful and loud and crazy and everything a fun third jersey could be.
  3. My statement is hilarious and sad, yet the next words out of your mouth are that you agree with me that the single color collar is the right move? This website has gotten so strange in recent years.
  4. Glad the collar isn't going to be annoying. I'm hyped.
  5. I mean, not ENTIRELY out of left field.
  6. really the only problem with the vegas jerseys is the color balance and contrast. those big white stripes just absolutely ruin it. gold and black would have been fine. they didn't have to follow the exact template to a T for an alternate. gold body, black to anchor it down, and grey to emphasize the distinction between grey and black that makes their identity is really all they needed. a little red if they desire, too... but that gold body, grey (that looks like ugly faded black when it isn't paired WITH black, imo) and clunky white stripes ruin it. honestly, more black would go a long way to making it look solid. it just looks weak to me, and like a bad concept or fashion jersey.
  7. Some of y'all.... There's a reason I'm not nearly as active around here as I used to be. Smdh.
  8. If it's Kraken, I'ma buy a jersey. Either way, I already like this team more than Vegas. They're gonna have to do a lot for me to not like them.
  9. I honestly think Kraken is cool and unique name that would be the best choice of anything I've heard. The leaps some of ya'll are taking in this thread baffle me.
  10. I'm picky about my Stars concepts. This is one of the best Stars concepts I've ever seen.
  11. Brown and red is my favorite color scheme. Pewter isn't exactly brown, but I'm in love with the pewter set. I may need one.
  12. I'd kill for this.... I think the Stars are one of the only teams in the entire big 4 that has never worn an actual throwback jersey in a game. Ever. I don't care if it's the North Stars look, the early 90's look, the Cup sweater, or the Mooterus. I wanna see some throwback action in Dallas, without ruining our chances at a new third jersey.
  13. I made a big long post about that before. My favorite is that the NFL added the Panthers and Jaguars in the same season, considering they are literally the same animal. A black panther is just a jaguar that is essentially only spots.
  14. I get physically tired reading Ridley's posts because of all the bold, italics, and underlines. Every post feels like a passionate locker room speech by a captain after a tough playoff loss. Gut check time, boys. Lol.