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  1. yo i know how much you love the stars. ive been working on a logo concept and wanted to run it past you first for C&C. I want it to be perfect and have a pretty good idea of how i want to execute it, just need a little guidance. ill send the link however, just let me know. thanks bud

  2. it was probably me, but i don't have it anymore. i've like 4 computers removed from that era, sadly.

  3. hey buddy,

    i have a question for you. it's been a long time and i'm not sure if it was even you but i'll give it a shot. way back when on nhl 2001 or 2002 did you make a stars team pack that had a belfour 2x mask or an extremely detailed belfour mask? I know the games dead but I'm going back for school and redrawing a few iconic goalies masks for class, just wondering if i ...