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  1. I'd kill for this.... I think the Stars are one of the only teams in the entire big 4 that has never worn an actual throwback jersey in a game. Ever. I don't care if it's the North Stars look, the early 90's look, the Cup sweater, or the Mooterus. I wanna see some throwback action in Dallas, without ruining our chances at a new third jersey.
  2. I made a big long post about that before. My favorite is that the NFL added the Panthers and Jaguars in the same season, considering they are literally the same animal. A black panther is just a jaguar that is essentially only spots.
  3. I get physically tired reading Ridley's posts because of all the bold, italics, and underlines. Every post feels like a passionate locker room speech by a captain after a tough playoff loss. Gut check time, boys. Lol.
  4. I guess what is throwing me off is that I'm completely unfamiliar with the "release the kraken" phenomenon. That's not how I became aware of the word Kraken, so I don't associate it with a meme or a movie. It's just a bad ass mythical animal that doesn't actually exist anywhere.
  5. I usually think I'm a pretty good barometer for opinions on this site, but I'm so far from the center on this topic. I really think Kraken would be an amazing identity. Sparky has proven it a dozen times over that he could make it work, too. I think y'all are overstating the meme and movie associations. Regardless of which ocean it is better associated, it's still a mythical creature and I feel that makes it fair game for any port. If they end up with something safe and boring and emeralds or evergreens, I'll be disappointed. Sockeyes is cool. Kraken is fun. Totems and Metropolitans both get a pass from me on historical grounds. I just think a giant mythical squid is exactly the kind of thing that could become iconic across every medium of branding.
  6. I mean, like the name or hate the name.... Some of y'all's reasoning is just grasping at straws though. I still think it's the best NHL expansion team name in decades.
  7. I'd buy a Kraken jersey. I've thought every expansion team since the Wild/Jackets/Preds/Thrashers had awful names. Golden Knights included. I can get behind some nautical Norse mythological hockey action, though. And I've never seen whatever movie y'all keep talking about.
  8. my girlfriend wants one.................. i don't even know what to do or say about that.
  9. you aren't trying to change minds. you're just trying to belittle anyone that disagrees with you. which is just about everyone. take the L and move on, bud.
  10. This duck is ironically flying all alone.
  11. Just comparing the likes between the posts calling the Stars NYR ripoffs and the ones saying that is ridiculous is a fun game. One side is obviously going a bit overboard here.
  12. Those jerseys actually debuted with the lighter green. If you look to their use in Minnesota and the FIRST season in Dallas, you'll see those jerseys had thinner stripes and Kelly green. The numbers themselves were even Kelly green on black. Not until 94-95 did they darken the green and replace the green numbers with white. THAT was the mistake that ruined the sweater. I never cared for the dark green shade the Stars used and the Wild use currently. But I also think this current season is the best the Dallas Stars have ever looked. Home, road, and WC. The 99 Cup jersey is a ton of good memories, but in terms of actual aesthetics, it looks like a damn motocross jersey or something to me. Not hockey.
  13. I love the North Stars history and aesthetic and take pride in it as a Dallas Stars fan... But I honestly don't think there's anything that could have been better about yesterday's uniforms. Or the event in general. Would have liked less cowboy stuff, but whatever. It was an amazing event with amazing uniforms, and I'm super proud of my team, my fellow fans, and the city of Dallas. The WC uniform is beautiful. The North Stars are beautiful too, and hopefully one day we wear them in a game again... But for a game at the Cotton Bowl, we picked the right uniform. Hands down.
  14. Call me dramatic, but I'd say both DC and NY have new "best dressed" football teams. I honestly didn't expect to think that this time last week.
  15. We need a dislike button, like we have the like button. I need to make it more obvious who is making consistently good arguments and who is just making me shake my head and wonder if they are for real. lol.