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  1. Deatrich Wise Jr. had the new numbers on his jersey but it looks like they were sloppily taped on. The only picture you can see the name bar lettering is this one of Joe Thuney. He has the old font (and his numbers were old too): The Pats did player headshots for their website's roster page yesterday which might explain why the jerseys are a mishmash of old and new. I saw fans on Twitter saying the jerseys ordered online come with the new letters and numbers. The practice jerseys are still using the old font but that doesn't mean anything.
  2. They turned Sahlen Field into Rogers Centre.
  3. What a mess, heh. I figured maybe it was just returning players wearing last year's jersey but Cam Newton has the old font too.
  4. The shoulder logo from their "Calgary" alternates would have been an easy replacement for the flags. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think the Flames look better with black as one of their colours, though the retro away they brought back this season is gorgeous. The current home/away are an abomination but the black C is far superior than the white one.
  5. That's not a bad solution if the new name doesn't start with E. The team has been using a modified logo since January without the white outline and black shadow. I never saw an official announcement about a switch but it looks like that's where things were headed until the name was dropped. Here's with a single E.
  6. Old vs new
  7. Fret not, Rams fans. The throwbacks are coming.
  8. Eric Dickerson comments on the new look:
  9. Have they said what the yellow stitching on the patch is supposed to signify?
  10. Silver would be the way to go. The white pants make them really look like the Texans.
  11. And apparently they don't have them because it's a giant conspiracy with the league office. The things you can learn on here.