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  1. Last season they did have the navy helmets.
  2. Too bad they are wearing the current batting helmets.
  3. This Twitter thread from Michael Silver is wild. Brown had his old Steelers helmet repainted in Raiders' colours and twice tried to sneak it onto the field.
  4. I was cleaning out my room last week and found most of my old tiny batting helmets. They're from 92-94 based on the logos. Anyone else collect these as a kid?
  5. He's saying the arched "Vancouver" logo has been replaced everywhere, not just on the jerseys.
  6. The Redblacks are wearing white pants with black jerseys today.
  7. TSN with another amazing Photoshop job.
  8. LeBron James has given up #23 so Anthony Davis can wear it.
  9. BC's new helmets and pants are nice. The jerseys don't fit at all though.
  10. Here's the "Lakers" jersey put on Anthony Davis:
  11. Calgary (red/black) vs BC (orange/orange) is going on right now.