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  1. They wanted it to be a true throwback look. The players switched to their regular shorts at halftime.
  2. Vancouver is playing their home opener tonight and had five former Canucks come out during player introductions wearing their era-specific uniform. Dennis Kearns, Stan Smyl, Kirk McLean, Todd Bertuzzi, and Daniel Sedin
  3. The Oilers changed the brand logos on the helmets to orange this season. They were still navy in preseason.
  4. They've also been using the 1969-2002 league logo (recoloured) on their website for weeks.
  5. Years ago, one team proposed a black floor designed to recall darker asphalt courts. The league rejected it, arguing it would not play well on television. Whoa. Who?
  6. (I won't bow down) Hey baby There ain't no easy way out (I won't bow down) Hey I Will stand my ground And I won't bow down
  7. The Oilers officially released their new alternate. The crest/numbers are 15% larger. It will be worn for all Friday home games this season (10 games).
  8. They changed the down/distance colours at halftime tonight:
  9. The right silhouette looks like a botched swan dive.
  10. Thanks. I couldn't find a picture. Unfortunate downgrade. The Outlaw helmet was slick.
  11. Calgary can't wear the Outlaw helmets this season (one helmet rule), so they put the shiny silver decals on their regular reds for today's game.
  12. I think they will be. That picture is of Gretzky's record-breaking 802nd goal (March 23, 1994). The VAN-LAK game on March 21, 2020 is just about the 26th anniversary.