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  1. Yeah, that's really ugly. That uniform set looked a little better when they wore the black helmet with the homes and the orange helmet with the roads. I didn't mind these:
  2. The Lions need to go back to something like the 2012-15 look. The 2016 redesign was pretty bad, and the current uniforms are a downgrade from that.
  3. The only time this matchup occurred (February 19, 2011).
  4. Oh, okay. The reason I asked is because MLB.com uses WSH as the abbreviation for scores and stats.
  5. Mostly subtle changes to the five uniforms, with an edited oil worker logo for the navy throwback. I think the Oilers had it almost perfect for the final two years of Reebok and would like to see them go back to those uniforms or something very close. Home & Away The original look, with a few changes: orange cuffs removed from the home sweater, single outlined numbers as worn for the team's WHA years and first two years in the NHL, and an updated pant stripe. Home Alternate & Away Alternate The home alternate is almost identical to what was worn in 2016-17. Shoulder numbers have been moved down to the arms and an updated pant stripe. The away alternate is just this season's Reverse Retro with the blue and orange on the logo being flipped, the inner collar changed from white to royal, single outlined numbers, and an updated pant stripe. Copper & Blue Throwback Based on the 1997-2007 darks. All red removed, changes to oil worker logo, and single outlined numbers and lettering. The worker is mostly the same as the original except for a few edits in his shading and the stick blade being resized. "Madness" is the name of the jersey template and can be found here: https://uniauthority.com/uniform-templates/
  6. Is there any talk of the Avs ditching the black numbers/names on the away jerseys?
  7. Curious to see if the jersey numbers still have the drop shadow. Black was only in the Eskimos' colour scheme for shadowing on the logo and numbers; but after the 2019 season, the colour was no longer on any official team graphics, and the logo below was being used everywhere until the Elks unveiling.
  8. If the Oilers are going back to the dynasty uniforms again, they should stick with the single outline on the numbers they currently have (and had for their first two years in the league). That was one improvement adidas made in 2017. It looks cleaner and would help with reading the orange numbers from a distance.
  9. The elk logo on its own looks really good on shirts and hats. https://shop.goelks.com/
  10. Wow, this is awesome. Really happy they went with Elks instead of Elk.
  11. Interesting choice of jersey to use for the 2021-22 Season Seat Registry...
  12. 2005 and 2006, same years as the Dodgers. But the Cubs only did it for home games, so when they wore the blue alternates at Wrigley, they had NNOB. Home: Road: The Mets did the same thing with their black jerseys in 1999.
  13. Is this the year the Coyote's left skate blade finally gets fixed? It's been the wrong colour since the jersey was brought back in 2018. It was correct on the anniversary logo.
  14. Those pictures are from the 2017 playoffs when the fans were asked by the team to wear orange to the games ("Orange Crush"), though. There was a lot of blue at the games during the season. The Oilers have tried pushing orange as the colour of the McDavid era (the above pictures and then when adidas took over). Most people I've seen online or talk to prefer a return to blue as the primary colour. The 2015-17 set was nearly perfect. It would be an easy fix to just go back to those or something similar.
  15. Carter Round IV Carter Round V
  16. The Oilers are wearing the navy thirds for playoffs. Not a fan of the stripes or huge arm numbers, but it's still a nicer look than the orange homes. The Oilers should be a blue and orange team, not orange and blue, if that makes sense.
  17. Here it is. And as you can see, the Capitals have a runner on second.
  18. Aaahhh! Silver pants! All my life I've wanted silver pants! Aaahhhhh!
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