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  1. I don't care for the sports bra look on the home. Looks kinda funny to me. Also, since when was Yellow/gold a Quakes color? Maybe it's replaced red? I know it is San Jose's flag color, but really looks off when the total Quakes package is together.
  2. Those blue bill hats are awesome. Those should be on the field hats
  3. Those colors arent bad at all... if its heavier with the blue, awesome!
  4. Good eye.... didnt see that... now it looks photoshopped at secomd glance.... back to square 1
  5. Check out @MiamiJorge425’s Tweet: Seems to confirm the fish ball...
  6. This is going to be interesting... hope theres enough contrast and not all muttled
  7. I could live with the bottom one.... that M and fish need a light outline against the black
  8. It needs an eye... that just throws the whole thing off for me.
  9. Thankfully the sharks MORE current...top.. Deleted the WC Reg Season BS banner too..bottom Sorry for the crap pictures
  10. See, Grey would have been good. The baby Sharks have done grey 3rds before. Black jerseys are literally everywhere. Horrible.
  11. Better, but I think the Barracuda by itself would be best. The new SJ is way better than the old.