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Glendale Community College wins JUCO Championship


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Glendale Community College Gauchos won their third national championship since winning their first in 1988 beating Grand Rapids Community College Raiders 50-48 in the Valley of the Sun Bowl saturday afternoon. A great game by both teams, but one of them had to win and that is what the Gauchos did. GCC was up 50-28 at the end of the 3rd Quarter but the Raiders bounced back and scored 3 unprecedented touchdowns in the 4th quarter, Raiders tried for a 2 point conversion with a minute to go in the game but GCC blocked the 2 point conversion. The Valley of the Sun MVP of the game was #4 Wide Receiver Eric McCain.

The only tough thing to see about after the game was how much this National Junior Collegiate Championship meant to both teams, on one end you see the Glendale side with much pride and celebration and than on the other side you see the Grand Rapids Raiders who poured their heart out and was one 2 point conversion away from a tie and possibly a national championship crying their eyes out. It is a very sad state to see and you have no choice but to give your heart out for these boys who have turned into men and to see them cry makes you realize why the game of football is so passionate. I enjoyed this game very much and I plan on going next year to hopefully see the new defending 2005 National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association Champions The Glendale Community College Gauchos defend it once again.

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