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  1. I’ve also heard Damon Stoudamire out of Pacific. I didn’t even know he was the HC of Pacific. But if they can’t get Lloyd. I can see them going after a UA legend
  2. I’ve never had a problem with the shade of silver. I think that the problem for me was the fact it got muddled with the silver pants. Pair the silver uniforms with the white pants and it would brighten the color and make them better
  3. I disagree, I love the silver uniforms, but I do think they should use it with the white pants instead
  4. I hope they get rid of the ridiculous WCF letters where the stripes are, get rid of the Lions word mark where the stripes lay. Also tweak the numbers a bit
  5. I really hope that the Phoenix Rising gets a expansion team honestly. Because unlike the Coyotes, the Rising actually has a solid fan base and a solid franchise
  6. Dustin Pedroia has announced his retirement today. He would’ve been a great player if it wasn’t for the injury bug...
  7. Kyler Murray, and Kingsbury has been pushing for a new set the last couple years. So we can only hope that this happens in the near future.
  8. Yes the Indians, but since they are changing their names. I will refrain using the Indians name from here on out
  9. I can at least like Lindor now that he’s now part of the Mets and not the Cleveland Baseball Organization
  10. I love the modernized Roundel. Because I have always loved the classic. I think a new word mark and a modernized uniform set from the 80s and this would be a instant number 1 hit in my opinion.
  11. Lions fans more than the Lions. I rejoiced when I read that they were fired.
  12. I mean they are the Suns as in “Valley of the Sun”. I would love to see them embrace the Sunset a little more and bring the Camelback Mountain more into the jersey as it’s too abstract imo
  13. Tigers name AJ Hinch Manager. I like the hire as he can bring a young team into its full potential like he did with the Astros. Then again I hope he’s not a complete dumpster fire like he was with the Diamondbacks.
  14. Is this going to be the same Lions routine this season? Score 14 points lead. Lose by 37?
  15. Rapist Scorpion should also be a nominee for GToV
  16. Baseball is back. 60 game schedule starts July 24th, with a universal DH. Trade Deadline will be August 31st. Training Camp starts July 1st.
  17. He really does like the Kachinas. I know there’s been a rumor that he’s been wanting the logo and uniforms back from the dead.
  18. I would leave the Diamondbacks in the NL West where they have rivalries with the Dodgers and Giants. Plus it would be smarter to have the Pioneers in the AL where they could have a natural rival with the Mariners.
  19. You’re right, but also off. Because the city of Phoenix and the suburbs have a big Midwest influence and the Cowboys are a big part. But we have a huge Cardinals following in Surprise, Glendale and Peoria area. I guess it’s the west side appeal. But there’s a lot of people that wear the Cardinals and that they are huge out here.
  20. Yet the WCW lost...
  21. 2021 GOTV XFL Champions Houston Roughnecks, early nomination
  22. I’m just waiting for the Braves to get the ATL somewhere on their uniforms. I mean the way the trend goes
  23. Cardinals sign/resign hometown guys with Huntley and Kennard.
  24. They have no picks in the first two rounds. From what I hear they might not be done until they get a first round pick. Plus good job on the Cards getting rid of David Johnson’s contract and getting a playmaker for Murray. Now to get Drake locked up. If I’m the Cardinals I’m going to go with an Edge or DL Or Offensive Line with their pick. I’m hoping Brown or Becton is there for their picking
  25. I can see something cat like with Detroit, like they did with the Michigan Panthers,