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There is an interesting hockey tournament being held up in Toronto called the Canadian Multicultural Hockey Tornament. The teams are organized into groups based on ethnic background. The argument is that everyone is Canadian and this is just a way to celebrate the diversity of everyone's heritage. :flagcanada:

The teams already have nicknames and logos and some of them look pretty sweet (some look plain too). To me it looks almost like what a true internation sports league might look like in terms of both nicknames that go with a national identity and in some cases the logos reflect that. If nothing else it looks like someone had fun organizing this.


Italian Gladiators

Hellenic Lightning

Nubian Kings

South Asian Vipers

Chinese Ice Dragons

Serbian White Eagles

First Nation Thunderbirds

Portuguese Sea Wolves

Croatian Knights

Irish Shamrocks

Finnish Sisu

Japanesse Arashi

Korean Tigers

Macedonian Lions

Polish Hussars

Russian Kremlins

We all have our little faults. Mine's in California.

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