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Shyr Shang Fashion Show


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Hey gang, it's been a while! :D

I thought I'd offer you a sneek peek to the logo package I put together for my high school's annual fashion show, which is an amalgamation of song, dance, and, of course, fashion from various different countries. This year, the show's name is Shyr Shang, chinese for fashion. I tried to give the logo a distinct oriental theme, as well as highlighting the fact that it is a multi-cultural show:


The logo kinda speaks for itself; the flower is a lotus, which, according to Wikipedia, is a sacred symbol in the Chinese and Buddhist histories, not to mention a symbol of beauty, which is omni-present during the show. The symbols are 'Shyr' and 'Shang' and the five different colours, of course, represent internationalism.

Hope you all like it! Sorry if this thread is in the wrong forum.

Comments/critiques welcome/appreciated/encouraged.

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