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I need uniform

Notch Novelty

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I will give it a shot if you give me which year(s) of the K.C. look you looking for?

If you want to see some others I created you can go to www.angelfire.com/rnb/nabl or my site www.angelfire.com/ego/hobogrish...

But give me as much as you can to go on... if you are not in a rush then all the better.

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bump and....


With all these requests for logos, uniforms, contests and etc. Can we add a section for that each purpose specifically.  I know this does not fit in the general purpose of this topic (the request that is).  But this is where the request is, so I am posting here....( I know I am not the first to suggests this, just putting in my two cents.)

I think the board has really gotten away from discussion of current/past and future logos, uniforms etc and more into a fantasy concepts page.  I for one would like a separate forum for general current logo talk and one for concepts, contests, fantasy type of logos/uniforms, because I think both topics are of worth. It just means the members have to scan through tons of both items when some important posts on both sides are not being seen or bumped to a second page unnecessarily. If I made any sense, I do not know... .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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