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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and I must say this has to be one of the coolest sites that I've ever found on the web. The fact that there are so many people on here discussing sports uniforms, logos, colors and such is amazing. I've been designing my own set of football uniforms for years by using colored pencils but have yet to evolve to the computer stage. I have just a few questions of what programs to use and how to get the desired effects with the logos, colors and numbers. I see all the concepts on here all the time and am just wondering how to get to the point where I can start posting my own because I have some cool ideas for teams, mostly NFL. Thanks for your help.

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If you're just getting started on the computer, I would use MS Paint. That's almost strictly what I use, and in the templates section of this forum you can find some great templates for it - I recommend the ones made by STL fanatic.

Edit: the templates sticky has been redone, so I'm not sure if the templates I recommended are up there anymore.

Anyway, if you really want to get into the upper eschelon of graphic design take a look at a program like Adobe Illustrator. If you can learn to use it well, you can do some really awesome concepts - just look around the board and you'll see some examples.

Oh yeah, and welcome.


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Hello. I to am new to the computerized world of uniform design but am not new to the interest of uniforms. I've always considered myself the unofficial uniform coordinator of sports. For instance I miss and prefer the old TB Bucanneers orange (who wouldn't?).

Anyways, I am flirting with the MS Paint program and would like to be directed towards a template that I can use to create my very own uniform for my yahoo fantasy team.

Any advise would be greating appreciated!


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