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  1. Those black “feathers” kill the look for me. They don’t even look like feathers. Why not attach a couple of the actual Blackhawk feathers to the bird? Or just get rid of it for a much cleaner look.
  2. They’re just following the Jacksonville Jaguars’ lead. And that Wiscy jersey is fine. I love rounded numbers. If you want a cheap practice-jersey look there’s a whole bunch of Adidas techfit jerseys to choose from.
  3. If the Bucks win the title tomorrow are we going to be stuck with their Soviet Bloc font forever?
  4. I didn’t know a couple blocks of Milwaukee qualified as “cities”
  5. Liverpool with a pretty awesome France change kit
  6. Regarding UCLA: If the number font isn’t Clarendon, it’s garbage.
  7. I could really do without Tampa Bay winning another title in something. Go Habs.
  8. I LOVE light blue and red but virtually all sports pro teams are afraid to use it, even though the Oilers looked phenomenal in it. My high school embraced it in the 90s only to later get scared and move to a North Carolina-ish blue and white scheme. I think the color combo is considered too “soft” because clearly no sports team can ever be good without fake masculinity. While the badge is promising I’m sure Chicago will play up the navy and won’t go for the unique option… although like others have said there’s already too much light blue in the league.
  9. Last night’s Sixers/Hawks game was beautiful, one of the good things about the league’s loosened restrictions on color vs. color. However I also think the MLK jerseys should be left out of the playoffs. While they are a deserving tribute, it does reek of crass commercialism to have essentially TWO ads on there (Nike swoosh and Sharecare). And as for the good luck factor, I hate to break it to you, but uniforms don’t win games.
  10. ______Hawks is starting to venture into the same overuse category as Wildcats or Color Names
  11. I love WMU going to athletic gold over Vegas gold. But they need to keep the Bronco in a prominent role. A generic W is… generic.
  12. Errea does a good job of not forcing all teams into one collar or template. I really wish Nike and Adidas would come around to this. I also can’t think of few things more Canadian than a Tim Hortons sponsorship.
  13. I just wanted to take a moment to reminisce about Real Madrid’s so-bad-it’s-almost-good “stencil” font circa 2003:
  14. Shout out to the Knicks and Clippers wearing black practice jerseys in the NBA playoffs.
  15. I see someone is not familiar with Worthington’s Law
  16. It’s absolutely crazy to me that a team can have a great identity, win two World Series in it, and just throw it all away.
  17. I think we found Bezbatchenko’s CCSLC burner account
  18. Does MLS not realize the three key franchises that kicked off the 2010s for them (Seattle/Portland/Vancouver) all kept legacy franchise names? And the success of all there had literally nothing to do with the addition of “FC” at the end. In fact most fans in the PNW likely wouldn’t even notice if you eliminated the “FC”. But there would be riots in Portland/Seattle for sure (and probably in Vancouver) if you tried to rebrand without the team nicknames. I fear the Wizards to SporKCs rebrand is what set them off in this direction... but honestly I feel like the stadium and the improved play of the team was what made that transition successful more than anything else. I mean they played for a while on a minor league baseball field WITH DIRT on the pitch.
  19. It’s also funny that for all the euro-branding they do around the team names, they forget that a lot of European clubs get by with awful, non-modern crests. I mean look at Watford, for example.
  20. They should have gone with an ‘L’ instead of a ‘C’, am I right folks???
  21. They can do this, but only if they vacate their MLS Cup wins, since those were done as the “Crew”. Sorry, but that’s just how it has to be. Also we gotta be like 3 years away from Borussia Cleveland or something.
  22. Glad Puma could really bring the heat with these Puma x Costco collaborative sport shirts for the next Euro.
  23. The Patriots’ current uniforms are almost perfect. They just need to go silver pants at home instead of monochrome: But since they insist on COLOR RUSH , or maybe because Robert Kraft or someone in the organization has bad taste, they look incredibly dumb in their primary uniform. So for now I will just sit back and enjoy the Patriots sucking at both football and aesthetics.
  24. What’s crazy is we sold our third kits! You can’t find an electric yellow anywhere, those sold out immediately. The super cyan kit was a cult favorite and only showed up on discount racks because of the weird collar. And the faux retro was awesome, I bought one and they greatly outsold the unlucky white kits that were a true secondary. Once the pandemic is over I don’t think Adidas/MLS have much of an excuse to deny the “big” clubs (>20k attendance) a third.
  25. If the Sounders play NYCFC, and both wear primaries, what do the refs wear? I’m guessing one of the two teams will have to wear their alternate.
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