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The Geometries of Sports Branding


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Since when do "cereals" have seasons?

And this is why the Nike Olympic jerseys are moronic, even from a branding standpoint:

GAIN: If sports are so powerful in the global culture, why do we need design? If sports are valuable global currency alone, why do we need design today?

O'GRADY: The game itself, when you break it down, is very tribal. My team is against your team and, after two hours, there is a winner, an end result. Design helps create that tribal experience. So your team is wearing red and my team is wearing blue; we each wear colors of our tribe or brand. It?s very primitive. You see people paint their faces with the colors of the LA Lakers and it becomes an emotionally entangled thing. As sports brand architects, we have to keep that in mind. When we?re developing a new identity for a team or creating a court for a team, we have to really become a part of that team.

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i assume he's talking about the advertising cycle for various brands of cereal. you don't see oatmeal , cream of wheat, or other hot cereals advertised during the summer....therefore the "cycle" or "season".

at least that was my impression.

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