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Newbie with question


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First of all, Hello to everyone on the board. I'm a longtime frequenter of cc.com and thesle.com and just registered today.

I have a question about thesle.com. I know its been up and down, but now there seems to be a no-entry point to the site. Sorry if this is an old question. Thanks in advance!

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Yes, alas TheSLE, in it's most recent incarnation, is done. Done like the 'Wolves in the first round, according to the front page. It's sad, but we must understand that the site's creator just didn't have the time, money, bandwidth, ability, nor the motivation (I'm speculating here) to adequately fund, maintain, and protect the site and it's contents. It's too bad, but luckily we still have CC.com, which is (understandably slowly) expanding and is plenty sufficient for most of our needs.

I think this could be added to the TFAQ... it may well come up more and more frequently...

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