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Providence Steamrollers - NBA


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Hi All. I'm a relatively new member.

I just learned how to do these uniforms in Photoshop. The Providence Steamrollers were an NBA franchise in the 1940s. Here is a picture of their old uniform:


With that in mind, I edited the uniform templates.

I edited the shorts w/ the original logo. The Steamrollers logo was taken from Sportslogos.net. I dont have a picture of the away uniform or the shorts so I used some creative liberty there; while these aren't originals I think they would look nice at least for nostalgia. The #3 and Calverley refer to one of the team's great players from that era - Ernie Calverley. I guess you could call these a classic w/ a modern twist.

Keep in mind, I plan on doing some modern uniform designs when I get the chance. This was an attempt to replicate the old jersey based on what I the available information.

Please give some feedback on these so I can get better.





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They still might be a bit too plain. I like the classic look, but there needs to be a little more to it. The font on the front of the jersey looks to be a bit too big, or just too arched maybe. The same goes for the name on the back, actually. It seems like another color might need to be thrown in there. Maybe use the black a tad more....I emphasize the word tad. I'd also continue the stripes on the shorts the whole way to the bottom...and possibly continue them up the side of the jersey. Not bad at all for a first concept, keep at it.

BTW- is it just me, or does their logo kinda look like one of those metal clips...I use them to close bags of chips...not sure what they're actually for.

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