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River Cats Concept


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Naw. Sorry. As probably the biggest RiverCats fan on this board i gotta say no. Honestly, its almost exactly the same as their Sunday home alts,


but their sunday hats are way better than the one youve got goin here.

This is the current sunday alt hat logo


The logo your using is an unused alt hat logo from last year meant to go with the almost completely unused black jersey (Never really ever used, but still issued at the beginning of the year). The logo was ditched before the home opener because it made the cat lood disproportionate, which i agree with.

And, the script you used is from their home jerseys


While it works on the whites, it would tend to look to blended on the light maroon jersey IMO.

And finally, while im liking the adition of more gold, im not digging the shoulder stripe.

But one thing you gotta remember is that I find what Sacto has right now to be Absolute perfection, and nothing will sway me from my opinion on that, so I admit im a bit biased. But Awesome work on spreading the love for my favorite sports team (other than the Bucs) in any league. That alone gets one of these. :notworthy:

EDIT: BTW, in the second picture i posted Matt Watson is wearing the home uniform with the alt cap, which is always only worn with the red sunday alts. w]Wierd. Only time I ever saw that was when a new player who was just signed out of some Dominican league grabbed the wrong cap and wore it for two innings before anyone noticed it wasnt correct.

This is the hat currently worn with the white unis.


(so im obsessed with RiverCats baseball, i know that, but you hit a hot zone with me when you posted this :P )

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