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Commonwealth Games

Alphabet Man

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Start on my 16th birthday (next wednsday) and ends on the 26th and I'm in the Closing Ceremony (everyone watch, i'm on at the start......get up at 3am or whatever to watch it! someone is carrying it in the US)....basically the countries in it are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, India, a few Asian countries, North Eastern African countries, the West Indies and a few Pacific Islands and a a few others

so anyone care for second rate sports competition? well neither does half of Melbourne, well I'll watch but i'm not paying for tix, anyway i gotta rehearse most days for the Closing.....also it'll be great to see the New MCG - the best stadium in the world

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What part of the Closing Ceremony are you in ?

the start of the show, im fifth on (well about 5th) at the very start of it

I think Nigeria is bidding and a Scottish city (Glasgow?? i think) are also bidding, i love sport who cares if its only the best athletes from St Kitts and Nevis competing

After Day 1:

Rank   Country   Gold   Silver   Bronze   Total

1      AUSTRALIA   3       5        4       12
2      SCOTLAND    2       0        1        3
=3     ENGLAND     1       3        3        7
=3     CANADA      1       2        1        4
=3     INDIA       1       1        0        2
=3     MALAYSIA    1       0        1        2
=3     NEW ZEALAND 1       0        0        1
=3     SOUTH AFRICA1       0        0        1
9      WALES       0       0        1        1

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Here's a list of some of the events that Halifax has hosted-

1997 Sun Life Skate Canada International

1997 World Canoe Championships

2000 World Marathon Canoe Championships

2003 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship

2003 World Figure Skating Championships

2004 IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship

Here's a list of events that Halifax will be hosting-

2007 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships

2008 IIHF World Senior Hockey Championship

2009 World Senior Canoe Championships

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