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  1. The first batch of finalists are in! I'll post them shortly. **EDIT** - I don't believe they are the true finalists that posted.
  2. The contest just opened up last week, so I imagine by the end of July we'll see something. I think the crest will take effect for the 2020/2021 season. Also something to keep in mind - from how I understood it, a panel of season ticket holders will narrow the field down, then the season ticket holders/members will vote. The current badge will be included as a voting option to keep (I doubt that it stays, though). I believe when I read the rules for submissions, it said that any concepts MUST embody "hornets" unless someone can mix a Hart and a Hornet to coexist in a way pleasing to the eye...the club wants to move away from the Hart/Deer imagery. (Which is a shame)
  3. I'm sure this has been brought up and/or done already...but just for giggles and's the flying skate in the current color scheme.
  4. The only thing I don't like about this is that it needs more red. As an American, I had no idea that European hornets had a lot of red on their bodies. I don't recall seeing anything like this in North America.
  5. Technically the Steelers have red & blue in their logo, which is not used elsewhere. Yankees have bright blue and red in their official logo, but not on their uniforms. KC Chiefs have a good amount of black in their logo which is not used elsewhere. A Bundesliga club which was relegated this year, Hannover 96, feature a bright green and black badge, but predominantly wear red at home. Swedish soccer team AIK Stockholm has a navy blue and metallic gold badge, but wear bright yellow and black. German soccer's Hamburg(er) SV have a blue and black badge, but predominantly are known for their white shirts and red shorts.
  6. From English Premier League club Watford FC has invited fans to redesign the club's crest, with a view to possibly replacing it. An email was sent out to supporters on Tuesday asking fans to submit their designs for a logo that could "best represent Watford FC in the future." After all designs have been collected, supporters will have the opportunity to vote on which they think is best out of six different options, including the five best fan designs and the current crest. The email said that the idea was to make the club "as instantly identifiable to fans of football worldwide."Watford FC will release further information about the process on June 13 2019, shortly after Premier League fixtures are announced. For those of you not familiar with Watford FC, they are unique in that their badge carries the image of a (poorly drawn) Hart (deer) that resembles a moose. The hart is the symbol of the county in which Watford resides, Hertfordshire. That's nice and all, but the club's nickname is the 'Hornets'. They have historically flip-flopped between images of Harts and Hornets on their shirts, with a Hart being the most recent incarnation.
  7. Also...single helmet stripe...but double stripes on the rest of the uniform.
  8. The center "stripes" of the Carolina Panthers helmet have never set right with me. There are no elements of those weird stripes anywhere else on the jersey through the course of the team's uniform history....and the fact that both "swipes" come so close to the main helmet decal near the back really irk me. ...and the 2 navy blue "spikes" on the old Titans helmet always bugged me as well...again...the spikes were nowhere else in the uniform.
  9. I don't understand the insistence on keeping the gray in the Orca logo while it is nowhere else in the uniform.
  10. So....JuveNantes then?
  11. If a "River Dragon" was a colloquial term for say...alligators...or something...then that's one thing. Something like that ties back locally and has some meaning. I can't agree more with fact, I don't think it's a "hair shy"'s deplorable minor league naming at its finest.
  12. If you consider *where* the dragon tail is emerging's apparent that it's more a metaphor than a design element.
  13. Wow...I didn't realize the A-League was expanding by 2 clubs. That MacArthur logo has a lot of weird negative space at the top with the name above the horns. Ochre is a unique color...but will be hell to match on fabric and apparel. It reminds me of the "old gold" that Wolverhampton Wanderers originally used and gradually switched over to a more orange hue.
  14. Young me saw these jerseys on SportsCenter one morning and thought, "They wear yellow/ home...instead of white (teams used to wear white at home, kids)...that's awesome!" Oddly enough, researching their logo change to the Orca, 22 years ago, is how I stumbled onto these boards...and subsequently realized I wasn't the only kid who liked sports logos.