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  1. ....I heard a rumor that all the Express' helmet decals somehow are available right now. Just saying. Would love to see a recolored Express helmet with the new Jets uniforms mashup.
  2. I feel like they had the uniforms locked in first...then crafted a logo refresh last. The two (logo and uniforms), to me at least, don't "go together" in style. There's no dynamic element to the helmet logo in the same way that the uniforms have that dynamic "spike" thing everywhere.
  3. Liked simply for the obscure soccer club reference.
  4. Them stressing this 'angle' thing...I just have a bad feeling in my gut. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. This has "49ers one day logo" written all over it. I was I'm concerned.
  6. When this logo was released, I'm pretty sure the idea behind it was that it was an ambiguous mix of a pioneer cap AND a hawk, because school officials couldn't make up their mind which one they wanted. I'll try to hunt it down.
  7. Now that I read the explanation...I "get" and see the stick. At first just looks like a very oodd...very poorly done "5".
  8. Having went to high school in PA, the fun fact here is that PA has a "Cal U" and an "Indiana (Pa) U". If you say that you went to "Cal" or "Indiana"...most natives immediately think you went to the Pa State school rather than thinking you're a Golden Bear or Hoosier.
  9. Clearly a fantasy-view of the league. ...because we all know that if it were to happen today all the teams would be named after local food entrees unique to their respective cities.
  10. Tiger stripe pattern on a team called the Dynamo? Or is that subtle Zubaz? I cannot wait to read the marketing-speak on this one.
  11. The 2002-2010 Buffalo Bills would like to have a word with you, sir.
  12. I can see them only putting the "N" with the waves on the jersey...and leaving the badge element off. Very "Y'all"ventus of them.
  13. That "SC" doesn't need to be on a line by itself. I'm irrationally upset by it just kind of sitting in negative space all alone.
  14. If you look at their twitter avatar and the graphics supporting appears those lines are sound's just odd how they truncated them in the badge.