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  1. Well both LA teams got the colors right which is something that surprised me. Lets hope both both uniform sets are good, I'm not expecting it for either team but we just have to wait and see.
  2. IDK man this is a thing and looks way worse in my eyes.
  3. Well at least their going back to Royal and yellow, so that's good. Logos look better than the original leak for sure but still not great. Edit: grammar
  4. Get cutting Todd he was on a really big contract and has an arthritic knee probably only a year or 2 left at a productive level. I feel better going with a combo of Henderson and Brown over 2 more years of trying to game manage Gurley.
  5. Man this new Rams logo looks like a god damn :censored:ing croissant! I hope to god its an alt at most because this might end up being the worst rebranding in LA sports history outside of the first post sterling Clippers rebrand!
  6. The Rams CEO confirmed are getting a new logo, so I'm pretty sure that some these are place holders.
  7. I get they have some questionable people in there organization but come on man every NFL team does and I'm willing to bet that every single team in every major professional sports league world wide has some questionable people working for them. Plus the 49ers have committed the biggest sin ever, being run in and by people who choose to work and live there lives in the cesspool know as the Bay Area, no self respecting human being should be rooting for them and I certainly know that I won't as an LA native that's for damn sure.
  8. Dude has the best offensives weapons in the league and has one of the greatest offensive minds of all time. He's good but right now he's also the most overrated player in league history not named Tim Tebow. That said if the 9ers win rn i hope to hell he plays like the best QB because seriously :censored: the bay.
  9. That's a slap on the wrist if I've ever seen one. I'm sure the fine is the highest MLB could legally go but the suspensions should have been longer, international money should have been stripped, and more draft picks should have been taken. College students get hit way harder for cheating than the Astros did and I bet most teams are willing to trade what the Astros got for a title which is why I feel the punishment wasn't harsh enough, at least Alex Cora is probably gonna get boned hard.
  10. Really like the special endzone for the last game at the Coliseum the Rams are using. And I really do hope that this is a sign of them sticking with blue and yellow because everyone I know thinks of the team as a blue and yellow team not blue and white or navy and gold or whatever hideous combination Nike is gonna give them like electric blue and volt yellow or whatever the hell it's called.
  11. Hes playing with an injured hand this game that's obvious. He played good agianst a really good Seahawks defense last week just fine anyway. Not like him even making plays would have mattered this week the Rams have been playing like complete ass this whole game anyway. They are playing with no energy at all especially on defense, like they completely underestimated the talent the Cowboys have.
  12. So these Celtic city jersey are basicly illegible unless they are directly facing the camera and it's bad when the players are moving from the 5 minutes of game I watched. I don't know if they camera test uniforms but if they dont they really should.
  13. One he's not terrible at all and two yes I'm fine because I'm not going to hurt myself because again he's not terrible.
  14. I feel like all leagues should be like baseball and allow players to be drafted out of high school with an expanded draft and a much larger minor league system so you give guys more opportunities to develop into solid players when they might just never get drafted.