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  1. Not gonna lie I really like the home set especially with the gold pants and love the helmet. The bone Jersey definitely needs work though, those aren't good. Still I feel like I can live with these they aren't anywhere as close to as bad as I imagined.
  2. it's twitter so my automatic assumption is to lean fake with anything that doesn't come from a official source there, it also looks like the shoulder horns are backwards to me assuming those are supposed to be horns. They would be curling the opposite way of the helmet if they are and I honestly doubt that would happen on the real jersey. I would be okay with these if they we're real with the horns facing the right way or we got something close because I honestly don't hate it.
  3. So apparently on live stream with dirty cheater Alex Bregman Jared Goff and Tyler Higbee we're asked when the uniforms would be released and they said this week. I didn't see any video of them saying it and got this info from Twitter and reddit, so take it with a grain of salt obviously.
  4. Man for info that's feels real from what I know from here that's still not enough for me to get a sense of absolute :censored: show or would be okay if it weren't for gradient numbers. I know that guy hated the first half the new look we've seen, that makes me feel like they won't be a total :censored: show and more along the lines of one bad design element spoil an otherwise decent look. I'm actually okay with a grey road uniform but would very much prefer they go yellow if they wanted a unique road uniform though.
  5. Well Raiders fans have had two tries to fill the soccer stadium and couldn't as well as having meh rating when they are on here as opposed to the Rams where they are constantly either 1 or 2 only behind the Sunday night game that has no other football competition in that slot. The Raiders brand is popular because of Hip Hop culture here and their still in the top half of fan bases here but its a pretty big stretch to call it a Raiders town anymore. I'm also willing to bet that if you ask the average person you see with Raiders gear if they watch any football outside the Superbowl they'd probably say no. Now that's not wholly a bad thing as it shows the Raiders brand is incredibly strong that people will wear their stuff only for fashion, same thing with LAFC I've tried to talk to people wearing their caps about soccer and they've had no idea what I'm saying. Merchandise doesn't always equal fans, it dose most of the time but when a team has such a strong brand like those two do or its a piece of its branding got pushed into pop culture like quite a few baseball caps did in the 90's with prominent rappers wearing them constantly the Tigers, Braves, and White Sox being the big ones I can think of.
  6. Well you have 10 major professional teams and 2 major college teams the compared to the 3 or 4 teams normally. There's also things like Disneyland or universal that have annual passes that are priced the pretty closely to a lot of season tickets for the teams here plus there's a ton of other options here that there is no city in the country that has as much to do. Competition for money and attention is a whole different animal in Los Angeles than back east and because of that unless you are the Lakers prices tend to be more competitive. BTW I've gone to every single Rams game here and outside of 2 or 3 games the Rams fanbase has show up strong and is getting better every year, the Rams are very much beloved here a and maybe you should stop commenting on situations all the way across the country that you clearly don't know anything about. I do believe that LA shouldn't have the Chargers though that was clearly the wrong choice it really should have been an expansion team when the next wave came around. The Raiders and their fanbase is to polarized that they would have struggled a ton to get any fans that weren't already Raiders fans.
  7. The inner weird music fan in me would be extremely disappointed if it's not a near exact copy of the Trout Mask Replica album art for that one.
  8. Here are the pictures I've seen going around. I'm guessing that this is something that espn just put together for the draft but who know maybe this is a leak of what the helmet will look.
  9. Wait aen't the primary light jerseys required to white by the NFL or was it just that every team has to have a white one? I'm not doubting his sources I'm just confused about the rules right not now.
  10. Not a fan of the yellow pants, helmet numbers, or what ever the hell is going on with the Navy uniform but otherwise its an obvious upgrade.
  11. Except you can look at the games against literally else outside maybe 3 teams and every game it's all Rams fans. Hell go back and watch the game against the chiefs a fan base that travels pretty well and it's 90% Rams fans. And this happens in every sport here outside of basketball. The Kings have it far worse than the Rams do when it comes to road fans and the Dodgers will have a massive amount of road fans when the Red Sox, Yankees, or cubs come to town, plus when the Giants are good there is a large number of their fans in the stadium. I've seen more and more rams gear every year since they've moved back and they have tons of support here now.
  12. Well both LA teams got the colors right which is something that surprised me. Lets hope both both uniform sets are good, I'm not expecting it for either team but we just have to wait and see.
  13. IDK man this is a thing and looks way worse in my eyes.
  14. Well at least their going back to Royal and yellow, so that's good. Logos look better than the original leak for sure but still not great. Edit: grammar
  15. Get cutting Todd he was on a really big contract and has an arthritic knee probably only a year or 2 left at a productive level. I feel better going with a combo of Henderson and Brown over 2 more years of trying to game manage Gurley.