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Hockey jersey brand help in pic


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i believe XL = 50, i have a canucks pro 52 and it's the same size as my islanders replica XXL.

Here's a handy reference conversion that works well across most jersey brands.  However, each brand will have it's own idiosyncracies when it comes to sizing so it's possible that they could be an inch or two larger or smaller than the reference numbers based on cut, etc.

S = 40

M = 44

L = 48

XL = 52

XXL = 54

XXXL = 56/58

XXXXL = 60

Hope that helps.

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It's OT Sports, bro.   I'm not too sure of their hockey sizing pattern though.  I have an replica Arena Football league jersey that is a Large but it is a bit smaller than a Reebok NFL replica jersey.  I also have several minor league baseball replica jerseys in large and they fit similarly to Majestic and Russell replicas.  They have a site: otsports.com.  Hope this helps.
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